Testimony to schools and hospital admins, and why it won’t matter: Links 2, August 22, 2021

1. Derrick Wilburn, District49 School Board meeting, 8.12.2021 ( I heard this yesterday from Friday’s Dennis Prager show. So glad someone sent it in to the site)

2. Computing Forever: They are becoming desperate

I would like to add a little something to this video.

We at VTB, believe there is a consistent strategy in use in Canada and around the world, and has been used now for decades, and likely started in Ottawa with the blanket and illegal smoking ban in bars and all public places.

The plan is, to create a law or regulation the government knows the people will find unacceptable, but create false loopholes so that people can’t be bothered to really fight it because they think they can outsmart the new rules by using the provided loopholes, which are not really provided.

In the case of the Smoking Ban, it was to declare that all public places had to disallow smoking for the health of the employees. Employees who requested to work in those places with the conditions that existed at the time. Sort of like saying that coal miners had to all stop working in coal mines till all the coal was taken out of them.

The loophole was that private clubs could continue to allow smoking. So many bars and entertainment venues, one large venue in particular springs to mind called Barrymores, decided to become a private club. You had to buy a membership and they observed all the regulations on what constituted a private club.

But the city had no intention of actually following their own stated regs. The plan was to stamp out smoking, so they ticketed Barrymores and all other locations daily with huge fines, promising to drop them all if they submitted and banned smoking. The cost of fighting these tickets became exorbitant and worse, a collection of bars and restaurants in Ottawa, led by The New Edinburgh Pub, hired a law firm to go after the ones who would not submit, because the cost of eliminating smoking was enormous. Bars and restaurants lost something like 30% of their business, because those who spent the most drinking, also tended to be smokers. Once it stopped being fun to go out, people stopped. And so this collection of bars did the government’s dirty work for them, suing that all restaurants and bars that had become a private club and had to a degree manage to avoid forcing people to stop smoking, no longer had that right. We also see similar things now, where those who are convinced those of us who choose not to take the injection or wear masks are responsible for the totalitarian state of the Western world, and not somehow, the people who created and enforce these regulations.

It is a cynical laugh when someone talks about what “Covid” did to our society. Covid did nothing. Its politicians that did all this.

This strategy was so successful, that the City Council of New York actually flew in the entire Ottawa City Council to teach them how that was done. From there it went global.

It isn’t too difficult to see how that extended to mask mandates and other clear breaches of basic civil rights. They created loopholes like ‘doctor’s exemptions’ that stores aren’t even legally allowed to ask for, except stores were told that anyone inside the store who didn’t have a mask would face a major fine. The store of course is allowed to set it’s own rules above and beyond the municipal or other government regulations. So in many cases, the government forced the stores to close government loopholes. Just try using your exemption at Costco for a little first hand experience of this device.

In a nutshell, the idea is to create the excuses people will use initially so there is no real resistance to the new rights-negating bills or regulations, and then knowing what people are thinking, in a timely manner making sure those don’t apply. When the government announces there will be medical and religious exemptions from mandatory injections of an un approved experimental gene therapy, they will first corrupt the regulatory agencies so that these things are approved on paper, even though they have not been subjected to the conditions that even a new vaccine would have to go through, let alone a whole new technology. Hey presto! One major obstacle vanishes with mere white-out. Then, they will make sure the conditions for a religious exemption are so narrow it only applies to people they want to be exempt but not for the individual who claims it for themselves. Even that window will likely narrow as more and more proof of religious practice will be required, and eventually they will just drop the exception altogether. As for medical, they will wait a short time and claim that the problematic ingredient is no longer in the injection or in some other way, your medical reason for not getting it doesn’t count. And if and when you die from the shot, the media will cover for it just like the young Irish soccer player in the video above.

3. Another stellar bit of testimony to a government agency by a critical medical tech worker who will not take the shot, will be fired because of it, and many will die until he is replaced.

Thank you all who visit and contribute to this site so well and with such concern.

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  1. https://foxnews.h-cdn.com/preview.mp4?customer=foxnews&url=https%3A%2F%2Fmanifest.prod.boltdns.net%2Fmanifest%2Fv1%2Fhls%2Fv4%2Fclear%2F694940094001%2F33e8c7de-7da5-4789-85d1-6bfa07a7904a%2F10s%2Fmaster.m3u8%3Ffastly_token%3DNjIxM2FjODRfZmE0MTczZjBjNTM5MGU0MjJhNDRjYzkwNzhhMzgxOTczMzg2YzBhOGNjNTNlZDA3Njc0NWFhYjE5NTI4YTQzOQ%253D%253D&preview_ver=1_2&size=252×142&br_ver=18

    Watch as this guy gives an absolutely perfect summation of what is happening vis a vis Afghanistan. This is truly the worst thing that’s happened in many many moons and undoubtedly the greatest blow to American prestige in history. The United States of America no longer warrants the title, “Leader of the free world”. That was then and now is now…

    I think the Communist Chinese showed Sleepy Joe some photos and videos and witnesses and tape recordings then quietly said, “Do as we say in Afghanistan or we’ll release these and you and the rest of your corrupt family will die in prison. Capiche?”.

  2. Oh, that’s not the actual link. Fox News has changed something and you can’t just right-click the video and copy link. I don’t know if you can do it at all now. Send it to Facebook? I don’t know…
    Just go to Fox and look down the left side at the videos. It’s a Marc Levine Show video…

    • There’s a new way of copying links of videos.
      If it’s YouTube, you have go back to the scroll bar on the right side and you’ll see the video you opened. You click on the link in the scrolling section.

  3. ITEM 2: Lawyer Rocco Galati sums up what our rights are and how to fight government mandates. It’s a short video that summarizes the thoughts that were added after the video.

  4. Vlad – “In the case of the Smoking Ban, it was to declare that all public places had to disallow smoking for the health of the employees”

    In Class Warfare – the Oppressor and Oppressed – sides of Preference can be switched very quickly.

    Protecting the non-smoker and unvaccinated can turn on a dime to the non-smoker being disloyal and the unvaccinated the murders.

    “The Sturm Cigarette Company was initially created by the Nazy party in 1932 in order to provide the SA (Sturmabteilung “Storm Detachment”) members cigarettes as well as to fund the Nazi Party from the sales it made to the public. The way the SA were promoting their cigarettes was very interesting as they were using violence in order to remove the competitors and fear in order to make the public buy their cigarette brand.”

    “Hitler as a political leader now had to show that he cared about his Aryan population by having them stop smoking, this would certainly show that he cared about their well being. In other words, gaining even more support and further indoctrinating the population with his fascist ideology and regime. This is why he based his campaign on the health problems caused by smoking, “so many excellent men have been lost to tobacco poisoning”. In 1942, he promised that after the war, he would ban the use of tobacco in the military.”

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