NSW Australian police warning to all subjects :”The time for warnings is gone”

This is pretty clear. But the accent is all wrong. Suggest trying to hear it in your head as either in a mid 20th century Russian or German accent, or if you are familiar with it, contemporary North Korean.

Thank you Oz-Rita and perhaps more importantly, condolences.

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  1. Funny how the Australian PM is so adept at kicking the CCP in the teeth, yet the buck stops with him on this. Is his opposition to the CCP, therefore, mere theatre for the advancement of Australian communism?

    • Funny how this site and its longtime readers and contributors have been saying for some years that communism, aka One World Order, is the end goal. By now, it’s just too obvious. They used a virus to their benefit. It makes one wonder if the virus was intentional to that effect since it originated in a Commie country.

    • The alcohol problem among the 65+ year olds was also foreseen, in my opinion. It fits in well with the Commie agenda. Retirees will die younger and less government pensions to pay out.

      The money in their last will and testament will go to their succession and the latter will spend it thus boosting the economy.

    • He’s got all the gumption of a house plant.Claims he’s a Christian but won’t protect Christians from persecution and discrimination.He just wants to be liked.

  2. “A fully vaccinated Southwest Airlines flight attendant has died from COVID-19 nearly two months after he tested positive following a work trip to Hawaii.

    Maurice ‘Reggie’ Shepperson, 36, who was based in Las Vegas, died at Henderson Hospital on Tuesday after spending weeks on a ventilator.

    He had checked into the hospital on July 7, weeks after testing positive following his trip to Hawaii in early June.”

    Shepperson’s mother said her son had taken every precaution against the virus, including getting fully vaccinated, wearing a mask, washing his hands frequently and sanitizing surfaces.

    “He is among a very small fraction of Americans who have died after suffering ‘breakthrough’ coronavirus infections after vaccination”

    He had maximized his travel for money, by going into every country. He increased his opportunity to be exposed, and then passed this on to the passengers. A mask and shiney surface man.

    Just a reflection of what is available before shouting “Nazis!” “Communists!” at the police protecting the socialized-medicine of central hubs. Cancelled operations ?at all sites. The barometer for Western Governments.

    It is not about you and your freedom. It is about their inability to cope with what they took on as single moms.

    “Sitting in his mum’s spare room he moaned: “You get uglier every passing year, there’s nothing really to look forward to as an adult.”

    Knowing that this Taliban will come, filled with more men who do not know how to be men.

    Let the doctors alone to do their jobs.

    • And the same for the grave diggers.

      To imagine a world of Socialized funerals. Burning and burying will be out – to protect the environment from toxins, and the police will also protect them from the many deaths caused by the virus. To isolate.

      There will be the rationing of deaths as there have been the rationing of antivirus medications, to the spread deaths evenly over the days so that Tuesdays and afternoons are increased by doctors.

      The transpant organs that are already taken out of dissidents, will have them turned into fertilizer and ‘only in special cirumstances’ into food.

      And it will all be for the greater good.

      The term, “to die with your boots on,” a Hate Crime.

      Taking care of you, was all that they wanted.

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