Taliban to take Kabul: Links 2, August 14, 2021

1. Maxime Bernier draws bigger crowd than the vestigial Conservative Party of Canada

2. Protest against the last variant, communism in the mask of Covid measures, in Montreal


3. The Taliban prepares to take Kabul. Dystopia spreads like we are led to believe viruses do.

(How many Canadians lost their lives and limbs and sanity to give rights to the Afghan people, especially women, to see it end in total surrender?)

4. Australia. Man with ankle bracelet for criminal matter discovers that obeying an order to get tested, violated stay at home. Or something. And now he is screwed. Cause he did what he was told? A little complex. But the statement, “This trumps that” seems pretty clear. No rights for the person suspected of having a disease.

5. The Taliban’s medieval punishment returns: ‘Thieves’ are tarred and paraded through Herat as jihadis vow to enter Kabul ‘like a roaring lion’ while UK and US troops prepare evacuation plans

The Taliban is tarring men accused of theft and parading them around the streets of newly-captured city Herat with fears that Kabul could fall within days or weeks sparking increasingly urgent evacuation efforts by British and American soldiers.  

The pictures shared by Afghan journalist Bilal Sarway show men tarred in black with nooses around their necks being dragged through the streets by armed gunmen, were shared online in the wake of the Taliban seizing control of Herat on Thursday. 

With the 20th anniversary to 9/11 looming, Afghanistan risks falling to the Taliban after the militant group seized control of two thirds of the nation following the prolonged withdrawal of US and UK troops.

(As usual, the media misses the entire point. The issue is not the punishment for theft, as barbaric as it may be under Islam. The real horror is the lack of due process. Just like communism, there will be no presumption of innocence. No requirement for beyond a reasonable doubt. Evidence will not matter or if it does, its interpretation will be based on what is expedient for the court and the religion/ideology, and not for the truth of the situation. In both Islam and communism, all outcomes must increase the power of the state, irrespective of what happens to any individuals. This is what matters. The details of punishments, even in Islam, are a kind of pornography. Muslims could claim locking people up for years and forcing certain diets on them etc. etc. is inhumane. Certainly electrocuting people can be seen that way. But the issue is in the effort the state makes to determine guilt, and the nature and interpretation of the crime itself.)

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  1. Now, apparently, they are locking up people for having dissenting views in Perth, Western Australia

    Loving Life
    106K subscribers

    A fellow by the name of Tim, who has a large video channel off Youtube, makes the startling claims that he has been imprisoned on psychological grounds in Perth because he has views that differ from those of his wife ( who reported him) on the COVID19 vaccine masks and lock-down.

    • “The Afghanistan Belt And Road: China’s Opportunity Or A US Exited Death Trap?” by Chris Devonshire-Ellis – July 7, 2021


      A Regional Security Structure: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

      Both Russia and China are stepping up to the plate as concerns a new attempt to restructure Afghanistan. Instead of invading and then using bullets and airstrikes to shock and awe locals into a tradition-eschewing democratic structure, easily manipulated by Washington, the Chinese are rather more respectful of the views of Afghan elders – whose wisdom gained at great life experience is greater than that of an 18-year-old who would otherwise under ‘Western democratic values’ have an equal right to vote. The Chinese also respect their elders and operate a partially democratic regime within their party structure made up from the ideals of discussion, research and trial and error. That ideology fits better with the Afghan way of thinking. The Chinese are also careful not to be seen as ‘invaders’ – a line of which stretching back to Alexander the Great and included the British who have long had their noses bloodied by these fierce, proud people.

      Militarily, the Russians have been training the Pakistan army as concerns dealing with insurgents, with Islamabad now less interested in conflicts than in creating stability and wealth. Russia also has troops on standby in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation along with China and whose remit includes regional security. Intelligence and operational activities will be shared among them. That is already happening, with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stating that Russia’s military airbase on the Tajikistan border with Afghanistan “will do everything to prevent any aggressive moves against our allies, including using the Russian military base on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Obligations within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (a Eurasian security alliance) remain in full force. Representatives of the organization’s Secretariat visited a section of the Tajik-Afghan border, evaluated the situation, and will report to the permanent council.” Lavrov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with his counterparts from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and was in contact with other Central Asian leaders…

      “List of CCP Members Embedded Within Multinational Organizations is Released”
      by Sundance – December 13, 2020


      Sky News – Video

      “Along with the personal identifying details of 1.95 million communist party members, mostly from Shanghai, there are also the details of 79,000 communist party branches, many of them inside companies”.

      • “The west has ‘betrayed’ Afghanistan amid ‘shocking and horrific’ intelligence”
        Sky News Australia – August 14, 2021 – posted 1 hour ago.

        Sky News host Rowan Dean says from the moment Scott Morrison walked out into his media update on Sunday, clearly the intelligence coming in from Afghanistan was “shocking and horrific”.

        “Girls will be sold as sex slaves, they will be butchered, they will be killed – it is clear what is going on there is an absolute hellhole,” Mr Dean said.

        “And we have betrayed them, the west has betrayed them.

        “The prime minister says ‘oh we’ve got no doubt about the character of the Taliban’ – well why the hell did we leave.”

  2. Can see one taliban commander to another saying `whew, no more covid testing!’ The other laughs, `yeah, and they call us medieval. Have you seen the cycles they use for the pcr test!’ Kidding aside, big test for the regime will be how they respond to big pharma? Accept the so-called vaccines, the leadership gets big money, refuse and mysterious deaths of the taliban bosses follow.

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