How communist are American school boards? Check this out

This is a short segment of a 3 or 4 hour meeting on masking and Covid policy in Rhode Island schools. The whole of which can be seen by downloading the whole file here. It is from August 10, 2021. Note how they treat the “consultant” doctor who frankly, seems a little nuts. They are deferential to him like the Democrats to Obama. He is double vaxxed, double masked and refuses to use a microphone because other people have used it. That seems more like medical theatre to me, as a sprits of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would clear that phoney threat up, or maybe some kind of condom over it. HIs refusal to use a mic makes him difficult to hear. Which might be the point.

Then was Dr. Andrew Bostom. He was counter narrative and unlike the fully vaxxed fully narrative pediatrician-consultant who was on first and got 36 solid minutes, Dr. Bostom wasn’t even allowed ten. In fact, it appears they deleted 4 minutes of Dr. Bostom’s testimony from the record, which is actually a crime if I understand this policy correctly. That, is how communist these boards are.

The two speakers after Andy were also very good and that is all that is included here.


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