New Israeli data does not look good for the Vaccine

Dr. Bostom tells me this guy is solid and just posts official data

H/T Gun Goddess

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3 Replies to “New Israeli data does not look good for the Vaccine”

  1. But you won’t hear anything about this in Canada. Official government flyers went out last week proclaiming the shot to be “safe and effective” and that “it won’t change your DNA.”

    Not a word about what is going on in Israel and every other police state where 90% of the population has been forcibly shot up.

  2. Israel used Pfizer and recently added Moderna because Pfizer was no longer as effective as anticipated. Technology in both are mRNA. Thus, now that we know how messenger works, the culprit is mRNA.

    Considering the high number of people everywhere jabbed with Pfizer, expect much hell to break loose in terms of hospitalizations and deaths of young adults. And Moderna ain’t any better.

    QUESTION: Did China force its Military to get the jab? I can’t find any link confirming this. “War is Peace, Peace is War”

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