Documenting the revolution for August 5, 2021, Links 1

1. Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t be more evil and hypocritical than it is without spontaneously combusting, you see something like this:

Facebook exec orchestrated Cuomo’s smear campaign against his accusers, AG’s bombshell report claims

One of Facebook’s top communications managers allegedly helped New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lead a smear campaign against sexual harassment accuser Lindsey Boylan while working for the tech giant. 

Dani Lever is accused of helping Cuomo’s staff distribute Boylan’s personnel files in an effort to discredit her allegations against the governor. She is said to have done so even though she had already started working at Facebook, according to the investigative report released by Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday.

Lever worked on Cuomo’s staff for six years before joining the social media platform’s communications team in August 2020.

The smear campaign against Boylan was launched in December of that year, just hours after she accused Cuomo of harassment. According to the report, Lever also regularly participated in discussions about Cuomo’s communications strategy following the allegations. 

2. Quebec to start paying out to the Vaxx damaged

3. Boris Johnson’s girlfriend spills the beans on Boris’ Covid totalitarian policy

(She pretty much says nothing at all in this entire interview. But her comment that Johnson and the UK government is carefully measuring the minimum possible freedom they can give the public to avoid an actual revolution, that was an interesting moment.)

4. USA Watchdog interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The deaths caused by the mRNA vaxx were fully predictable

5. Two weeks suspension without pay for attending a rally for freedom

(I would like to answer his question: “How is this not a double standard”. It is indeed one single standard, but one he doesn’t quite see. ANYTHING revolutionary is rewarded or at worst, not punished. ANYTHING counter-revolutionary will be punished, either privately, like his is, publicly by tickets, fines, jail and so on, or both. What he did was break the real but as yet unwritten law. Defying the new authoritarian order. He sees it as a double standard because he, like the vast majority of people, still labour under the delusion that there is rule of law and the point is the point.

With the left, which is now firmly in control, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point.

Thank you Johnny U., M., PC., Chris Jones, MarcusZ1967 and MANY more who are paying attention and yet still willing to fight back.

Michael Mitchell RIP:

Mr. Mitchell died the next day, Friday, July 22 in a marina cabin near his house boat. The marina manager checked on the actor after he was inside the cabin for an unusually long time. Mr. Mitchell was found unresponsive, lying on the floor.

Some media reports say it was “natural causes.” Others are saying heart attack.


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  1. -Two weeks suspension without pay for attending a rally for freedom

    The chilling part, and the thing that terrifies I&I about canada/canadians.
    Who ID’d him at the rally? Who reported him to his employer?
    Who? Probably, the RCMP, who would have been photographing every one in attendance, and who have the resources to ident and rat him out. This sort of thing is SOP for the screws – I saw this at anti-nuclear demo’s back in the seventies.
    All of this is blindingly immoral, illegal…and that does not matter, at all.
    Ready to fight? You are at war, people.
    Start thinking and acting like it.

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