Sky News baxck on Youtube for the moment: Links 2, August 5, 2021

1. Sky News back on Youtube. (Let’s see if the messaging has changed)

dozens of hundreds protest yet another new lockdown in Melbourne

(Video says hundreds but it looks like tens of hundreds which back in the day of non-Marxist math was called “thousands”

2. Sky News: Uncanceled

3. Group of doctors on early treatment of Covid and the vaxx.

4. Police hunting for a teenager who raped a girl in the sea in front of holidaymakers on one of the hottest days of the year have issued an e-fit of a suspect.

The 15-year-old victim was playing ball in the sea with friends off Bournemouth beach on Sunday July 18 when the attack occurred.

After speaking to the victim, he lured her into deeper water before raping her as thousands of visitors swam nearby.

Dorset police said he told the victim he was 17 and was travelling to Birmingham. Police believe the attacker is from the city.

Police described the attacker as having tanned skin and possibly being of Pakistani descent, between 5ft and 5ft 7in tall and of a ‘thin but muscular build with short dark hair that looked freshly trimmed’.

He was wearing black or grey swimming shorts.

5. July 31, 2021: Man stabs cop in Paris. Just right there on the street.

Thank you M., Johnny U., ET., EB., Richard, V11 and all who sent in ideas, comments, links to news and thoughts on the tectonic level events taking place today.

The song John Lennon would have written if he had a clue


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3 Replies to “Sky News baxck on Youtube for the moment: Links 2, August 5, 2021”

  1. Item 3 – It’s all about the MONEY, as we all know.

    * Moderna COVID-19 vaccine tallies more than US$4B in Q2 sales *

    – That is FOUR BILLION $$$ gained in three months. –

    Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine brought in more than US$4 billion in second-quarter sales, helping to push the vaccine developer into a profit.

    The company also said Thursday an analysis showed that its vaccine remains 93% effective as much as six months after the second dose.

    Moderna’s announcement comes after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. said its COVID-19 vaccine remained effective months after the second dose and had become a top seller. It brought in nearly half the company’s revenue — $7.84 billion from direct sales and revenue split with its partner, Germany’s BioNTech.

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