No rights for you cause now we have the Fauci Flu

The farce runs deep in this clip.

For one thing, the Indian (Delta) variant is more contagious but indications are its less lethal. This is the norm for viruses. They mutate into less dangerous strains cause killing the host tends to not be good for the survival of the pathogen.

For another thing, who gives a damn how many samples they find in the nasal passages of a person who is not sick? It means their immune system is working. We all have pathogens in our noses. Its why the PCR test was never meant to be diagnostic.

Most importantly, he states that this flu like illness with an infection rate well below 1% and a serious effects rate of a small fraction of those, should negate all your most basic human rights.

What indeed should be said and done about that.

Full clip here.

Also since there is now considerable evidence that Fauci himself created Covid19 by funding Gain of Function work at the Wuhan lab, the moniker “Fauci Flu” is good and overdue.

Thank you Gates of Vienna



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  1. Wasn’t asymptomatic transmission largely dispelled ages ago? Wasn’t it one of the early fear-mongering tactics? Wasn’t it one of those things (pre-Fauci flu history) that if you went to the doctor and told him you were sick, but displayed no symptoms, there was nothing he would do for your supposed illness?

  2. 1. He’s not a governor, so his opinion is his alone, not policy or law.
    2. When will Congress step in and provide oversight? The infectious disease division head is not a cabinet position and reports to Congress, not even the NIH director. (Some time ago, Inposted various org charts.)
    3. I like his logic: people who enagage in unfettered risky behavior endanger us all so the issue merits discussion. One type of dangerous behavior is funding virology research abroad. Any other issue needs to be tabled until these individuals provide accounting records and we recall all unspent funds. Imagine if a medical examiner who worked with police had outsourced pathology samples to another country and that country had manhandled the samples : he’d be on administrative leave until an investigation were completed.

  3. ** Catholic Groups Slam Vaccine Mandates Because There’s No Moral or Religious Exemptions **

    Spokespeople for the Catholic Medical Association and National Catholic Bioethics Center said they have been receiving many calls lately from people concerned about the mandates, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

    In separate statements, both organizations urged groups issuing vaccine mandates to include religious and moral exemptions for people who, in good conscience, will not be vaccinated with a product that used cells created from aborted babies.
    The Catholic Church has clearly stated that “’as a rule’ vaccination ‘must be voluntary’ and based on an individual’s personal assessment in good conscience of the medical risks/benefits and morality of a particular vaccine,” CMA continued.

  4. Gates of Vienna is a weird site. They have deleted every post i have ever attempted to make and yet allow the most opinionated rubbish from “regulars”. That may say much about my posts, I guess, but seeing as I have posted on many sites over the last 10+ years without any real problems nor censoring, GoV is anything but a free speech site and while they have the odd good post (Geronticide) they have fallen far from what they used to be.

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