If Fascism is govt + Corporate implementation of policy, and truth is the enemy of the state…: Links 2, August 2, 2021

1. The great divide between the truth and the narrative, the elite and the peasants, becomes clearer.

2. Will Americans sign up to arresting those who refuse the vaxx?

3. Can anyone define “Fascism” in a way that excludes the following clip?

4. For a little good news, read the comments under this video at Youtube while the comrades at Google allow them to remain. People are becoming aware of the enemy-propaganda nature of legacy-media now.

5. Here is a fun one. A leader of a small Dutch party gives the PM a run on his deceptions concerning his connections to Klaus Schwab and his views and values

Details at RAIR Foundation.

Thank you M., PC., ET., Richard, Johnny U., Kalloi, KAF., Marianne W., and MANY more who are contributing to this site in many ways.

There is also increasingly passionate comments and debate starting on this site in the comments.

Given the stakes of these issues, its no surprise and also amazing that the comments are not infinitely more harsh than they are. No one can be blamed for being angry and having views which are what one would expect throughout the entire history of free nations where all our heroes have been fighters for freedom and against tyrants and facilitators of tyranny.

BUT, given the reality of the world we actually live in now, it should be known that the value of this site to the freedom minded is greater than if it did not exist. And we have lost the battle for free speech. Worse, anything counter-revolutionary is being criminalized as I type. In Canada, via C-36, and in the US and Europe via countless other weasily and deceptive regulations and rules and laws. Most branching down from the fully communist UN such as Resolution 16/18 but lots of others ones such as the Migration Compact, where all reporting must put unlimited 3rd world to 1st world migration in a positive spin.

So when understandably angry, even furious at events or news items and their implications for the things we hold sacred, I ask you to think about how you phrase your comments. Sites like this one have indeed been taken offline by litigious fascist litigators, so anti-liberal that they cannot even be named without life-destroying law suits landing at your door.

This is the reality of our societies now. Losing a battle is not losing a war, and losing a war is not a permanent state of affairs. So accept that the burden of careful phrasing is upon us all now and fight to gain back the basic right of freedom of speech that we used to know, but from a realistic assessment of the battle-space as it is at the moment.

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7 Replies to “If Fascism is govt + Corporate implementation of policy, and truth is the enemy of the state…: Links 2, August 2, 2021”

  1. Terrific section on free speech and the importance of keeping the few freedom-sites on air/on ‘net.

    God bless all freedom-minded folks across the world.

    Keep fighting.

    Hold your ground.

    Don’t quit.

  2. Eeyore’s phrasing it gently.
    I’ll re-phrase it: Crud incitement to violence will shut us down. It could serve as justification for Canadian authorities to damage our real-life host.

    If you have no other outlet for your keyboard rage, I pity you.
    Try a cold shower.
    Take your keyboard with you.

  3. ‘…sign up to arresting those who refuse the vaxx…’

    They to out themselves. If stukatch keep ‘list’, why not? Is of apocalyptic importance of know who and where fascists are…make most of war fog in coming day. Am printing up petitions this moment, later distribute collected results as handbill and leaflet, samizdat
    Urge all resistors do same.

    • Many years ago, I helped some wonderful people in the UK set up a website for a new round of Nuremberg trials based on the mass immigration and damage to Western nations from that alone.

      Even then none of us could have imagined how literal the violation of the first round of Nuremberg principles would become. I wonder what happened to that site and those wonderful people.

      But yes, they also had a list. And a worthy one and one using rule of law and all rational and fair conventions, the people on that list were richhly deserving of being on it. After all, the Labour party was outed for creating the open door migration specifically to destroy classical Britain.

      The problem now is, we really do have to use Samizdat. Because actual communication of the truth just compromises ourselves. And Samizdat requires both stealth and subtlety.

      The poles had an expression during the cold war.


      That was a powerful term of defiance at the time (and now) because it asserted the right to speak truth and contradict the state’s lies.

      And here we are again.

      So metaphor metaphor metaphor and historical analogy, etc.

      These are the things that will catch the malfeasance of the Kings.

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