Looking back at other mandated medication disasters

It is widely reported that in September, the Canadian Military, and US, will have to take the mRNA shots if they wish to stay in the Armed Forces.

RAIR Foundation decided to have a look back at one of the previous disasters created when the forces where made to take untested and dangerous medications.

I would like to add, that listening to this man speak on the experiences of taking Mefloquine, i was reminded a little bit of the movie, Jacob’s Ladder. While I doubt this was the intended purpose of the drug, it does seem like it was to some degree, the result.

First, the interview:

Here is an older interview from 2017 with a couple of military connected people who were trying to raise awareness of this issue on Parliament Hill. Interesting how an issue can actually become more generally important over time.

Please click through to RAIR Foundation for related links, studies and details on this issue.

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