Australians: Know you rights under LAW

Hellequin GB came across this comment from Salty Sheila from Australia – DO NOT COMPLY!! From the Sanity for Sweden website:

 My husband and I are in our 60s. We live in a Sydney suburb. My husband has been binge watching Mike Palmer (know your rights) on Bitchute absorbing all our rights under the constitution. Bottom line: lockdowns, mask mandates etc are ALL ILLEGAL. So, the two of us took our puppy for a walk this afternoon NOT wearing masks, lo and behold a cop car drives past us, spots us, pulls up next to us and the two occupants, masked, ask us why we aren’t wearing masks.

We say we are exempt, they say show us the exemption, we say no, we are not required by law to show you our medical info. They get out of the car, give us their names and start filming. Heated discussion ensues in which we inform cops that we are legally entitled to NOT wear a mask.

Older cops says “It’s law” we say “No, it’s not. Mandates and directives do not trump state law, and certainly not Commonwealth law.” Discussion continues, my husband repeating all the info he had recently learned, and after about ten minutes they leave without issuing a fine. Just gotta stand up to these tyrants – it’s all bluff and bullshit folks.

I see it a little differently.

I see it as Aufhaben der kulture. Or more specifically, the subtle replacement of law with fiat. Australia made the next move in that by bringing the military to enforce these illegal removal of rights. I wonder what would happen if this brave couple tried it with army personnel. I doubt they care about any of the fine points of the legislation.

More proof of that would be how a lot of legislation removing rights has been written for the past 30 or 40 years wherever leftists have managed to get hold of a legislature.

Previously on this site, we have written essays on how a blanket smoking ban in private restaurants, redefined as public for the purpose of the ban, was implemented. They wrote it with fake loopholes so people wouldn’t squawk too much on the passing thinking they could squeek through the holes provided. But like all good mouse traps, the exits are actually the kill zones. People who thought they could rename their club or restaurant as a private entity and sell memberships to allow smoking got harassed by bylaw and fined heavily till the cost of defending the illegal fines in court became too much and they had to submit. Not because it was legal, it was not. But because the game was rigged from the start. Somewhat like hedge funds and short selling game stock. There was never any intention for democratic input.

Here is an interesting example. Spain’s supreme court equivalent found that the lockdowns were in fact, unconstitutional. But what difference does that make one wonders?

Still, its good to understand what we lost if we ever want it back. So here is one video from the Know your Rights group, and of course, my personal favorite from the UK on how all the Covid measures are in fact, Ultra-vires.

Germany has banned protests against the government or it’s illegal regulations. Like banning protests.

The Crime Bodge video on Ultra Vires I can no longer find on Youtube, even spelling the name of the video perfectly, or checking through his channel, as Youtube ramps up its information battle-space war against counter-revolutionary materials. So here it is:

Thank you Hellequin GB.

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