MASSIVE demos in Germany after Merkel makes some kinds of demonstrations illegal: Links 1, August 1, 2021

1. Mercola, the channel that Roger Hodkinson recommends for all, talks with the inventor of mRNA technology about the forced shots and whether or not it violates Covid ethics.

2. A great reason to carry spray paint in Hawaii. A possible Covid infection now the excuse to launch Skynet on us all.

3. In a previous post today, we learned that Germany outlawed demonstrations against government policy like lockdowns and banning protests of lockdowns.

Is this this result they wanted? Do they now have the tools to get properly Stasi on the public?

Watch a battle dressed cop gratuitously kick an older German citizen at 36 seconds above.

Has the Merkel admin found a way to unite ANTIFA and the German public in a common cause? Or is ANTFA the people now dressed in black POLIZEI face stomping duds?

Leftist EU propaganda-media in Germany is of course, reporting that the public is harassing the police. It’s almost like there is a total reversal of the role of government and police and the public. Now it seems, the public serve the government or face the pointy end of that stick, rather than, well how did Bertolt Brecht put it? If the government doesn’t like the people, it should dissolve the people and elect a new people. Clearly thats what open border policy is about all over the world. And clearly the left is too impatient to wait till that is fully implemented. Watch a cop gratuitously kidney punch a restrained man at 1:04

If anyone for a second still thinks this is about public health, no police intervention was used in any Black Lives Matters protests in Germany or ANTIFA demos whatsoever since this began. Just to be 100% clear. And that is not hypocrisy, or a double standard. That is one standard. All counter-revolutionary action will be punished both privately (loss of jobs, social standing, basic rights) and using force of law selectively applied. All revolutionary action will be rewarded and where laws are broken and violence is done, even murder against a counter-revolutionary politician like the AfD, there will be no consequences except for sometimes an immediate purely cosmetic one like a catch and release.

Here we see a cop shove a man in front of a moving car right at the start of this video below:

This simply cannot happen in Texas.

Police line which has no apparent purpose as there are protestors on all sides of them, get pushed back by crowd of obviously most regular German men and women of all ages.


4. Covid injections kill entire family:

(Translation by Hellequin GB with much thanks)

Russia: In Krasnodar, the corona vaccination caused the death of an entire family?

Information about a family from Krasnodar, in which all adult relatives allegedly died as a result of the coronavirus vaccination, appeared on social networks yesterday. It was reported that all relatives (…) died:
mother, father, grandmother, that the cause of death was “the consequences of vaccinations against Covid”.

Four family members were vaccinated on the same day, three of whom died on July 16, 23 and 26. The fourth adult family member (grandfather) was in serious condition at the time the message was sent. (…)

Today the public intelligence service reported, citing its sources, that grandpa passed away on the evening of July 29th. (…)

The information made in social media messages was partially confirmed by a school employee:
– Yes, the girl is studying with us in the 6th Z class. In fact, all of her relatives died. (…) “

Thank you all who are trying to keep sane and contribute during this time of more overt revolution against democracy and freedom than we have seen up to now.

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