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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Degree of Chinese influence in US top circles is dramatic”

  1. One must conclude that a similar situation in Canada with the Marxist and Islamic influence is deep and totally suppressed…….Since Trudeau was elected……barely a peep from the Intel or federal police communities……

  2. We have been here before, read the book the Verona Intercepts, it is about the signals intercept group that broke the Soviet Codes in the early 50s and discovered that several of their superior officers were Soviet Agents. This time there are more people talking about the infiltration.

  3. We are so screwed…
    This is why our military is going full woke, recruiting trannies while letting our USN warships rust, etc: they don’t have any plans to ever confront the ChiCom PLA or PLAN.

    Our Woke American Marxist Military (WAMM) is now being retooled to attack heritage American conservatives who would oppose the slow ChiCom takeover. For this purpose, 90 lb. pink-haired woke trans SJW “soldiers: will be perfectly suitable … for dropping missiles from drones on MAGA homes from 3 states away…under the indirect control of the ChiComs, via our traitor-class WAMM generals.

  4. CCP own Baizuo aso’s now. CCP laugh at lectures over Uyghurs when punking faculty lounge bureaucrat in Alaska.
    Today Georgia and tomorrow the world so cute, CCP own future now.
    Confucius say; pulling rickshaw cart is in your future, comrade.

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