NSW Oz: How oppression becomes a virtue nearly overnight

Last night, Oz-Rita, who is in NSW Australia, alerted me to a press conference she was watching at the time, (which was the morning of the 11th for her, the night of the 10th for NA) so dialling in, I was horrified to see the NSW police deputy commissioner Gary Worboys, brag about busting a teen’s birthday party, some other kids playing Nintendo, a middle aged men’s card game and other major crimes in the Sidney area. The absolute winning comment from the wannabe Stalin, was: “Police have always said that they will be firm, but fair. We are now in a position where we need to be much more firm than fair”.

If there was a shred of democratic impulse left in people, there should be a demo of hundreds of thousands of people soon where at least 10% of the signs would have his image and that quote.

To make it easy for them, I modified the image and put it here should anyone wish to download it and put it on a sign.

Officials from the region have made it clear: “No browsing” and no shopping with other people.


Below, the segments with the police spokesman from this morning’s presser:

The full press conference can be seen here, for anyone studiously wishing to chart the descent into communism the world is on.

For those that do watch the whole video, watch the two women, one of whom is Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW, and Dr. Kerry Chant, public health physician who is the chief health officer of New South Wales, Australia since 2008. Both women speak in a way that reminds us of this video from a Dr. of Psychology, who explained the Nudge methods of public control that is being used on all of us.

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10 Replies to “NSW Oz: How oppression becomes a virtue nearly overnight”

  1. The world is way past signs and protests. Whether we like it or not it is time for war. The police know what they are doing is wrong, but choose to go along anyway. There is no reason to feel sorry for them or pay them any respect. Time to fight or go quietly into the night.

    • You give them a lot of credit, knowing right from wrong, especially considering that most cops are (by design) overly officious and not too smart. Tyranny has always been built on the fists of such people.

  2. What an investigator, absolutely brilliant, men playing cards were dealt with! Hmmmm Look at powerful me, a useful idiot.

    • The problem is the people who report on them aka our common enemy. Among the police officers, they have the same problem; some are against the policies but they don’t know who among them are in favor of interventions, so they all go along to avoid trouble. Communism.

    • I am worried about her two, just as I am worried about the readers in Canada and in the Northeast US, once the troubles start they will be long and bloody.

  3. Notice at the start of video he mentions an infringement at a town called Orange.
    Orange is a town 150 miles from Sydney on the other side of a mountain range.

    • What is the significance of that please? Does this mean he is extending his jurisdiction beyond? Or that its nonsense or…?

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