Dr. McCullough on home treatment, Dutch manage to bridge the gap: Links 1, July 11, 2021

1. The Dutch government has found a way to bridge the difficult period of freedom between the spring lockdowns and forced closures, to the expected fall flu season lockdowns and forced closures.

2. Mercola interview with Dr. Peter McCullough: Early at home treatment of Covid 19

3. US Vice President, Kamala Harris, explains that rural Americans cannot photocopy ID or even know they don’t have to.

(She also seems unable to distinguish past from future tense)

4. Prepare for mandatory COVID vaccines in September, Army tells commands

The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines as early as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration licensure, Army Times has learned.

The directive came from an execute order sent to the force by Department of the Army Headquarters.

Army Times obtained a portion of a recent update to HQDA EXORD 225-21, COVID-19 Steady State Operations.

“Commanders will continue COVID-19 vaccination operations and prepare for a directive to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for service members [on or around] 01 September 2021, pending full FDA licensure,” the order said. “Commands will be prepared to provide a backbrief on servicemember vaccination status and way ahead for completion once the vaccine is mandated.”

5. Another crushingly disappointing communique from STRATFOR

(Julian Assange was the first line of defence against an anti-state that has subsequently taken over the US and for that matter, nearly everywhere else. Trump owes his election win over an insufficiently rigged election in 2016 against him, to Assange. Maybe that is why…)

Thank you KAF., Johnny U., Oz-Rita, EB., and everyone who has at least one eye at least half open.

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4 Replies to “Dr. McCullough on home treatment, Dutch manage to bridge the gap: Links 1, July 11, 2021”

  1. 4- Now we have the gulf between understanding just how bad the injections are, and the tyranny to take them, accelerating at the speed of light. This doesn’t end well for any of us.

  2. 3 – This shows how ignorant the leftist politicians are, they think anyone living in a rural area has an IQ well belot 70.

  3. Where is the video with D Mercola published
    I want to share it with friends that are so brain washed it is crazy
    Plus what Tethys said about the family doctors is true
    That mother fucker family doctor answer me noting when I had covid
    Luckily I was prepared abd know all meds that work
    That saved my life not my fucking family doctors
    He was hiding under the fear and lies like majority of them
    There are no doctors
    They are criminals
    Thank you

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