A curious speech and event at the July 1 protest event in Ottawa. The Chris Sky portion

There is a lot of oddness around this part of the day. Chris Sky, who has had a few viral videos since the entire Covid measures thing began, spoke at this event in Ottawa. But it seemed like there were a lot of people who did not want him to. The camera was not rolling the entire time of this whole curious set of events, so you don’t see where an organizer said: “We told Chris he could speak, so here he is”… something like that. There was also a moment where a lot of police rolled up to the Parliament Hill side of the Court-grounds, and someone ran up to the cameraman and said: “They are preparing to arrest Chris Sky!”. I have no idea if that’s true, or if that was an assumption by an observer. But lots of police did show up around when he started to speak.

Where they there for him? A lot of Tweets on Randy Hillier’s feed seem to indicate that he has charges pending, for real crime or politically motivated. Cannot tell which. Did the police come for him because they knew he was there? Or did the organizers call them because they did not want him there? It was a well organized event and for sure, there was a feeling that Chris was an unwelcome outsider but could not be ignored.

Probably the most famous of Chris Sky’s videos was when he came back from an overseas trip and managed to get the police to admit on video that Canadians did not have a legal obligation to get tested, or to go to one of the Covid prisons people were sent to, with awful or no food, and costs of $2000.00 a day if memory serves. He then walked past all the police at the airport and went home.

The next viral video of Chris’s was when police ambushed him in his own driveway and he called a Facebook Posse to come to his defence. Amazingly that worked and the police, quite a few of them, left. Both these videos should be on this site if you search for Chris Sky.

During his speech, at one point they shut off his mic, and a portion of the crowd demanded he be allowed to finish. Then they cut off his mic again and had a choir, I think from the Church in Aylmer Ontario, where the pastor was arrested for broadcasting a radio sermon to his congregants in sealed cars in the parking lot, (they where very good by the way) start up. Again, they were stopped and Chris was allowed to finish. It was all a little alarming. it felt like there was hidden agendas and a lack of unity within the organizers and with Chris for that matter.

In any case, here is Chris’s speech. Again, some parts of the event you don’t see because the camera was not rolling the entire time. But you get the general idea.

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  1. Observations from Leftcoaststan:
    In a typical one block suburban leafstan habitat zone, in the course of six hours, 42 service and waste vehicles attended. Most were enrichment engineer piloted grease and sugar drops, or amazon drops, or both; five-tonners dropping a latte are common.
    Because climate what now?
    All over the place, 242 creepy bits of children’s clothing impaled on sticks, scattered aboot the landscape, with the usual (execration deleted) leftist virtue-signaaling, critical racism, antisemitism and marxisim in full view. Unending brownstream media torrent denouncing palefaces and applauding woke vandalism ( in victoriastan – those gimps are so effed, though. It’s a muslim town now, and dead Xring in a target-rich environment, so it’s actually funny.)
    Everybody manages to ignore the Tribal Elders telling them that it is simply a burial-ground, and not a mass grave. That soundbyte is…well, buried.
    Canada day Canceled.
    Canadian born children are an absolute minority across left-coast school districts, where teachers unions have pledged to bring critical racism-bipoc-alphabet-tranny dogma to the classroom. Discriminatory hiring practices are openly supported in media, with state funding.
    None of this surprises or bothers me in the least, and not because I can get out and walk away when it craters.
    I am not surprised because there has not been a single demonstration of note, anywhere out Left.
    No resistance, no dissension. Nothing.
    The usual excuse is: “that sounds political-La-La-La-La-La…“
    I see far too many zeks completely complacent with tyranny.
    I have seen, endlessly, near lynchings, mob-actions, informing, grovelling collaboration and compliance with climate-marxist totalitarianism.
    The cultural enrichment engineers, and canadian-born multicultural injections are totally down with racism and tyranny. Who should be surprised by that?
    And I feel nothing for any of these palefaces.
    They want it.

    • Thanks Kojo. Something in your water out there. Like poison, maybe. B.C. should be annexed by Red China–just a formality. It’s a pity, though. Used to be a place I wanted to go.

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