Canadian bill governing what Canadians can say in social media posts IS DEAD: Non Nobis Domine: Links 1, July 5, 2021

1. The CHICOM’s gratitude for Trudeau’s treachery on their behalf is rewarded by treachery of their own

2. Bill C-10 is dead. Sing Non Nobis Domine

3. Freedom is in YOUR hands: As Boris Johnson prepares to unveil July 19 blueprint for ending lockdown curbs, he declares it’s time to live with Covid as we do flu… and let Britons use their own judgment

(Let’s hope the gratitude of Britons is not so great that it erases the memory of the facts that ALL the freedoms they lost were wholly unnecessary in the first place, and gratitude at having them returned shows the mentality of a small dog.)

Boris Johnson is to declare an end to most lockdown restrictions today, with social distancing rules, the work from home order, and mask mandates to be ditched from July 19 as he will argue that we must learn to live with coronavirus as we do with the flu.

The Prime Minister will use a press conference this afternoon to confirm a bonfire of virus rules and restrictions from the so-called Freedom Day later this month, in which he will say that individuals will again be able to judge the risks of coronavirus for themselves.

The one-metre plus decree and the work from home order will be dropped, with mask wearing no longer mandatory – while pubs and other venues will not have to collect customer details and will again be able to serve drinks at the bar in a boon for the economy.

4. Here’s a fun comparison. The reasons against taking the mRNA shots Vs. the reasons to take it.

Against: MIT researcher and more, Stephanie Seneff:

For: Singing celebrities make film urging Britons to get Covid jab

Celebrities including the comedian David Walliams and actor Jim Broadbent have called on their fellow Britons to “get back to the rhythm of life”, by getting vaccinated against Covid.

In the film, which is to the tune of a song from the 1966 musical Sweet Charity, Broadbent enters an empty theatre before celebrities including Walliams, actors Asa Butterfield, Colin Salmon, Derek Jacobi and Don Warrington, and singer Nicola Roberts take the stage to perform the song.

Before the launch, Little Britain co-creator Walliams said: “The NHS has done an absolutely fantastic job rolling out Covid-19 vaccines at such speed and, as we do in the film, I want to implore everyone to get their vaccine when called so we can get back to the all-singing, all-dancing, rhythm of life that we love.”

5. A look at Trudeau’s latest addition to his perfectly consistent standard of attacks against Canadians and support of all things islamic, even when it means avoiding mentioning the motives or names of muslim jihadis and killers.

(Just comparing this to his reaction when an 11 year old girl made up a ludicrous story about an “Asian” (probably meant to say Caucasian) man cut her hijab with scissors and the whole country was subjected to reduction of freedom of speech for what they had to know was a hoax, since cameras, CBC and principles managed to assemble at her school in record speed.)


Thank you Michelle, M., PC., Yucki, TB., Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Olive, EB. and everyone who is willing to try and muck their way out of this maelstrom of real and fake data.

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  1. – ITEM 3: Mandatory quarantine won’t end if an individual has been in contact with someone who tested positive. Those damned unreliable tests! –

    * Covid self-isolation ‘WON’T end for vaccinated Brits on July 19’: Fury as double-jabbed Kate Middleton is forced into quarantine thanks to crippling NHS test and trace rules – despite having both doses, four negative tests and NO symptoms *

    – Boris Johnson is under pressure to relax or scrap the self-isolation rules hammering schools and businesses

    – Ministers yet to take final decisions on whether self-isolation can be dropped for the fully vaccinated

    – Kate understood to have been alerted to Covid contact on Friday afternoon and began isolating immediately

    – She regularly undertakes lateral flow tests as part of the Royal Household testing and has no symptoms

    – On top of that she tested negative for covid before she went to Wembley and again before Wimbledon visit

    – The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, is understood to have already received both COVID vaccinations

    MailOnline understands she was alerted about the contact with a Covid-infected person on Friday afternoon – after spending most of the day at Wimbledon with VIPs including Tim Henman and Joe Wicks. It means she must quarantine for ten days even if she tests negative, which she has, up to four times, in the past seven days including before and after her Wembley trip with William and George.

    Her case piles further pressure on Boris Johnson to scrap his controversial self-isolation rules from July 19 because it is causing chaos across British society, especially for schools, hospitals and businesses who are being ordered to send entire bubbles of children or staff home if just one person tests positive.

    But ministers are yet to take final decisions on whether self-isolation can be dropped for those who are fully vaccinated, a source told MailOnline.

  2. In the west, we’re getting daily vandalism and threats to Churches as the media work hard to keep grievances alive. They never told the whole story. Sometimes I wonder if they understand what they’re doing is part of an organized campaign.

    These “mass graves” are epidemic victims. This isn’t to minimize the abuse and poor conditions, but they’re framing these cemeteries as if they’re mass graves hiding intentional slaughter. The appalling death rate at these schools plummeted to about parity in the mid 1940’s due to the introduction of antibiotics to populations without natural immunity to TB and other disease.

    Local Churches experiencing daily vandalism and firebombing threats.

  3. That propaganda slope is frikkin hi-larious! I was wondering why the boy wonder got a haircut and washed his face.

  4. ITEM 2: I’m not certain about it being dead. Justin will be reelected because the Conservatives have no palatable leader. If he decides to resurrect it, the same scenario will play out as all parties, except Conservatives, will vote in its favor. Am I wrong?

    • What happened to bill C-36. I smelling a bait and switch here.

      “Bill C-36 would allow a person to appear before a provincial court, with the Attorney General’s consent, if the person fears that another will commit an offence “motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other similar factor.”

      Hate is defined in the bill as “the emotion that involves detestation or vilification and that is stronger than dislike or disdain,” but hatred is not incited solely because it “discredits, humiliates, hurts or offends.”

      In addition, the bill would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to make it a “discriminatory practice” to communicate hate speech through the internet where it is “likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.””

  5. MIT lady is incapable to describe in simple words what exactly those prions do and why the vaccine spike will induce them.No one cares about all that deep scientific crap, as always when one is too smart , one is unable to have a normal conversation
    It would have been essential to make it easy because I would have spread the info around.
    But like this, in this criptic nonsense no one has the patience to listen till the end.

    • What I find sad — the number of people who do not want to take the time to educate themselves — just let someone tell them what to think. Rinse repeat.

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