Tucker Carlson looks at the UFO report

It isnt often I disagree with Tucker Carlson. In fact this may be the first time. But IMHO the report says exactly what most government reports say.

“We don’t know what this thing you really want to know about, is exactly. So we need more money, and more authority. And then maybe we can find out.”

As for the advanced technology:

Two cats sitting on a porch. One cat says to the other, “Sometimes when my monkey sits down in the comfy chair a mysterious red dot appears on the wall. It acts like it knows Im there, and when I go to pounce on it, it vanishes at impossible speeds across the floor, the ceiling, sometimes EVEN THROUGH MY WATER DISH without slowing down a bit! It even vanishes and reappears sometimes! NOTHING can move that fast, and more amazingly, it reacts to my movements!

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  1. The cat and laser pointer analogy is spot on. And as you already posted, the hologram theory is the only one that holds water. So, we’re back to the agenda of Terrify to Divide and/or Isolate and/or Marginalize followed by the final strategy of Conquer and Crush. But, as most people aren’t afraid of Aliens, they’ll have a more difficult time instilling terror.

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