Revisiting Duxbury: Is this what C-10 will mean for Canada?

The man who made the following video is the same fellow who made the excellent video explaining how Covid fines and arrests are in fact, ultra-vires. A principle in law for the UK, US and Canada and most likely the whole commonwealth although I have not checked that yet.

HIs analysis here is equally superb. Although there was one moment which I thought needed a comment. That is where the police ask Louis if he is a racist and he explains that he isn’t. The right answer should be “Why? Is that a crime now? Please show me a legal definition of racism and then show me where its a crime to feel or think that.”

Here is RAIR Foundation’s article with original interviews both with Mr. Duxbury and the witnesses at BOTH his trials.

As I go through this superb video, I can’t help but notice this bit of communist anti-truth. At just after 18 minutes, his parole officer told Louis that he was white and had white privilege which was his problem. I think I want to take what may be one of the last opportunities to tell some obvious truths before the C-10 police to do me what they did to Louis. Here is a case from the UK back in August of 2018. Here, two black girls of African decent from the Maghreb, randomly attacked a white girl they did not know, because she was white, and beat her while calling her a “white slag” among other names. The judge, frantic to apply the reality of black privilege, had to think up an excuse not to convict them of what was not just a hate crime but quite arguably terrorism. So he said that because they had been drinking, and because they were muslim (double privilege) they most likely were not used to alcohol because Islam forbids it, (so they didn’t do it, except this time when they obviously did) and so because they were drunk and not familiar with alcohol, NOT GUILTY.

Now imagine two white males attacking a black muslim and calling him racist names. Imagine the media coverage. Imagine the sentence.


Thank you Michelle.


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5 Replies to “Revisiting Duxbury: Is this what C-10 will mean for Canada?”

  1. What is next to diminish our freedoms

    Charter Statement
    Bill C-13: An Act Respecting Certain Measures in Response to COVID-19

    Charter Considerations

    The Minister of “Justice” has examined Bill C-13, An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19, for any inconsistency with the Charter pursuant to his obligation under section 4.1 of the Department of “Justice” Act.

    Bill C-13 is emergency legislation intended to allow Canada to address the extraordinary situation by the COVID-19 outbreak.

    TRUDEAU NEEDS TO GO while we still have a little freedom. The Build Back Better boy is screwing with any freedom we have left.

  2. All this smacks more and more of a re-run of “Holy Roman Inquisition”
    I do wonder who’ll be the new Dominic Guzman and the ensuing Army of Nasties that will enlist into this version of the “Domini Canis”?
    I guess this time around it wont be Firewood and a Stake, but a Needle for Heretics like us.

    • The Inquisition (just like the Jesuits) was a response to the islamic invasion of Spain. As they reconquered parts of Spain the local entrenched muslim civilians so smug that their army would be back happily pretended to convert to Christianity to prevent being exiled or persecuted. The Inquisition was created to find out who was genuine and who was not not. Once Spain was Spanish they had nothing to do so they targeted Jews who had “converted” and then like all bureaucracies with incoming money dependent upon “actions and results” they targeted “heretics” and “witches”.
      Muhammad must have had an inkling of Aristotle (give the child until he is 7 and I will show you the man) as he made childhood indoctrination a reality and Loyola saw the need for similar, as did Lenin. IIRC Marx hints as such but never made it a necessity, Anyone know if this is correct as it was long ago?

  3. I like to answer yes to that question
    That I screamed in the face of a retard when
    I saw her BLM sign on her car and commented
    White Lives Matter too
    She yelled RACIST
    I responded
    Yes I am a racist and love it
    White lives matter more
    Of course I don’t mean that but it gets the lunatics frothing at the mouths.

    • You really get the message from the blm/antifa trash when you discover that saying: “All Lives matter” was a death sentence for someone.
      Politics has to be the worst possible reason to justify an action as even greed is less tainted, although from what i see greed seems to be an inherent part of leftist politics.

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