The dialectic replacement of law

One of the more clever and diabolical tactics of the left, was to replace rule of law with collectivism and thought crimes charges without the need to actually change the law exactly. Some changes, changes which should have been unacceptable to all of us did get made though. “hate crimes” laws got introduced but this is actually a hybrid issue to the one i want to address.

They managed to get hate crimes written into law, by using critical theory/Alinsky rule 13 against anyone who opposed it. If, for example, you felt that thought crimes should not be a thing and that government should not have the power to willy nilly decide from day to day what you had to hate (Donald Trump?) were allowed to hate (White people?) and was a crime to hate. (Islamic hatred of all else just for an example.)

But much of law now uses these extra-legal measures. If you go against a “consensus” view, consensus in the Frankfurt School, neo-Marxist sense, you do not get due process, you do not get to present your side of the issue, but instead, any institution you are associated with will destroy your ability to make a living, your ability to maintain your family or household, your social networks, and even your right to communicate in the only way left to us since the world got locked down and only left wing protests are allowed.

So what used to be sacred law, like right to medical privacy or not to be experimented on such as Nuremberg Code, now is undone, not by law, but that your ability to travel is subverted by airlines. Your right to ply your trade will be removed by large corporations you work with, or depend on in your supply chain or work flow.

Below, an example provided by Hellequin GB from PoliticsTube:

There is no compulsory vaccination Italy: 45,000 vaccination opponents before suspension

45,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers are facing the suspension because they cannot be vaccinated against corona, reports

That is 2.3 percent of all paramedics, among doctors the percentage drops to 0.2 percent, reported the Italian Medical Association.

The region with the most unvaccinated paramedics is the northern Italian Emilia Romagna with seven percent of unvaccinated personnel.
Lawsuits from those who refuse to be vaccinated are expected.

A stark Black Mirror like reversal of all principles of individual rights to the ultimate in collective rights. We as individuals have no say in terms of our own bodies. The state may pump whatever malignant goo they want into us and we have no recourse to law, as it has been upended in an unjustifiable never ending Emergency Measures act.

Should we refuse, we might not be arrested, and certainly not see a court room. But our right to earn will be taken. Right to travel, and given a digital currency and the elimination of cash, the future may hold the loss of right to purchase needed supplies like food for the disobedient.

Think thats an exaggeration?

I am fully aware of what people did say to me years and years ago when I accurately predicted certain eventualities. And we can all remember what we might have said had we been told in 2018 that in the very near future, government would take it upon itself to determine what is and what is not essential and block us from what is non-essential and marijuana, booze, seeking sex with random strangers through a “glory hole” would be essential and buying new underwear would be forbidden. Except through Amazon. In which all the politicians seem to have bought stock.

Maybe its time to get to know a farmer while private small farms (Kulaks) are still permitted to exist and hope you do or make something of value to him.

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    OK, so we’re probably going to experience some possibly record-setting temperatures here in BC for the next few days and I can hear them already crowing about how it’s absolute proof that the world is coming to an end and we need to liquidate the human race before we fart the world out of existence and murder poor little Mother Nature with our greedy white-skinned hands…

    But wait a minute… Consider this: Here are three very good reasons why a few record-setting hot days is about as unexpected as an ant at a picnic and proves nothing that we haven’t known for decades.

    REASON# 1: The ice age
    For the last 20,000 years or so we have been coming out of what we call “The Ice Age” which is actually a deglaciation period happening during the actual ice age that we are now experiencing on Earth – defined by the very existence of glaciers on the Earth’s surface. It is quite expected for us to be warming from that, with sea levels rising and climate going upward with subsequent rises in CO2 due to oceanic releasing of the gas.

    REASON#2: The Little Ice Age

    Since around 1850 we have been coming out of a protracted cold period called “The Little Ice Age” so it is hardly unusual that we might be warming due to that. The Thames used to freeze solid and it does not do that anymore…

    REASON#3: The mid-twentieth-century cool period

    Between 1940 and about 1974 there was a little-advertised cool period on Earth that they can use as a reference point in order to “prove” that the Earth is warming by comparing today’s numbers with, say, 1948, which was definitely cooler than it got after the ’70s. That’s the reason the Baby Boomers think it’s getting warmer because it is compared to pre-1970s conditions…

    So you see. If we do have a few record-breaking hot days it’s about as unusual as bears at the dump or mosquitos in the summer at a shallow lake. The sky is not falling and shame on anyone stupid enough to not be able to see what is sitting right in front of them… Just go on the internet and look up “The Vostok Ice-Core Samples” and you will clearly see that “Climate Change” is a big fat hoax. And end-of-the-World con, just like all the other end-of-the-World cons that people have been stupid enough to buy into over the centuries… The Jehovah’s Witnesses have already run past a dozen-or-so “ends of the World” by now and they’re still going strong. Stupid is as stupid does… Thanks, Forrest…

  2. Let’s wait and see what actually happens, and 2. Use your own thermometer. Seriously.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if government sets policies on predictions and not what actually happens. Actually scratch that, I would be surprised if they DIDNT as that is the whole story of the pandemic.

    So that weather forecast is likely the model they will use for a climate lockdown. Even if it fu**ing rains and is cold. Its the model they use.

    • I swear it’s been colder and wetter in Vancouver for the last few years than I’ve ever seen it before. I can’t believe how averse to research the average person has become. Just one glance is enough to see through the hoax and they just will not even as much as turn their heads. People have been dumbed down so expertly.

      I remember seeing the first episode of “Entertainment Tonight” and thinking how it looked like a KGB psyops designed expertly to dumb down the enemy. They’d show a story for about ten seconds and then, “whoosh!”, onto the next one – a whole new level in dumbness – and I detested it immediately. It was like a stupidity-training course. It’s as if they think the average person suffers from severe congenital retardation and they’re out to make that a self-fulfilling prophesy. The average person is stupid beyond belief in the 21st century. It’s bloody distressing…

      And as for them making up stats out of thin air. I do not trust these communist bastards and have no problem believing they would just plain lie and say one number when they actually see another. I think they are ill-intentioned as well as perfectly Machiavellian and do not believe they are simply mistaken. They are traitors being paid by the enemy one way or another, to unlock the city back gates and let the assassins slip in undetected for a little bag full of silver coins. They are not well-meaning in the least and they care not for human rights and the environment and all the other bullshit they pretend to love. They want to see our world burn…

      • And you know what else? I don’t actually care if Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son, which he obviously is, I just care about the fact that he lies about it and claims to be Pierre’s boy. I don’t want a Prime Minister who lies like that. If you look at Trudeau with his shirt off he even has the same athletic body as his pro-athlete dad, right down to the shoulder bumps and the shape of the collar bones and everything. Add to that the fact that his face contains not one trace of Pierre’s distinctive visage but looks like a photo of the Cuban Revolutionary right down to the perfect full beard and the distinctive handsome planes of his face. I think Castro got on a secret plane in a secret disguise and made a secret flight to a place called “Vancouver” and had a final fling with the Prime Minister’s gorgeous vivacious young wife just before the wedding, that’s what I think. It’s not unthinkable that a Latin Revolutionary Hero might have a romantic bone in his body… Have you seen the photo with Margaret looking at Castro like he was a big ice cream cone…?

        I think Young Castro is an unabashed communist and is ruining my beloved country because his dad hated them Anglo Basterd and dedicated his life to getting even with them by flooding the country with Third World peasants and breeding us out of existence, in that dance of slow genocide that the left seems to prefer over machine guns and gas chambers… Why the hell would he flip us over to metric on his last day in office if not to simply fine us a few hundred billion dollars in commercial disharmonization with our American trading partners? It was pure hatred of us White Anlo Basterd and our American partners and nothing else, eh?

      • I’m with you.

        We are under a slight cooling period that started a few years ago. One only has to look at pool owners, of which I’m surrounded, to witness they spend no more than 30 minutes in their pools for the duration of the entire summer. The water doesn’t warm enough for it to be enjoyable for them.

        It wasn’t like that a few years ago, let’s say 2015 going back. Warm winds are a thing of the past and unbearably hot nights also. There’s often a cool background that shows up in that hot sun.

        I’m so happy I got rid of my above-ground pool back then and my 6′ x 9′ inflatable pool is great. I have a small chlorine distributor and shock it once a summer. End of story.

        BTW, the website WUWT is aligned with a cooling period. I miss warm winds and breezes.

  3. Yup
    And I too have been correct in all my predictions….
    Political, philosophical and its just too sad

    And I’ve been out and about every single day only
    Superficially wearing a headscarf bandana type mask
    That I can breathe through and lift up

    No shot for me
    No fucking tests
    At 76 I’m buying an all terrain to get over the border
    Hacked and fake documents

    To fly to Florida and then to the carribean

  4. AND SO, IT BEGINS. Morgan Stanley is among the few huge corporations that have ownership of a multitude of other huge corporations.

    Back in the end-1970s, I translated the annual financial report for one of those companies. The list of brand name huge corporations it owned was five pages long. I was floored. I will never forget that moment as I realized back then the control such an incorporated entity had over our lives.

    * Morgan Stanley to bar unvaccinated employees, clients from NY offices – source *

    June 22 (Reuters) – Morgan Stanley’s (MS.N) staff and clients will not be allowed to enter the bank’s New York offices if they are not fully vaccinated, according to a source familiar with the matter.

    Employees, clients, and visitors will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated in order to access the bank’s offices in New York and Westchester, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters late Tuesday.

  5. UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES, in a school board meeting. Yes, they’re now called ‘unlawful’ when the questions aren’t aligned with the agenda.

    Notice it only took two security cops to act as Gestapo. These cops might agree with the guy but their livelihood is at stake, thus they follow orders. Huge problem, we have.

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