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5 Replies to “Maxime Bernier’s appearance on Tucker carlson”

  1. To all of our Ameribro’s, and such of my intellectually deficient leafs that misapprehend what we have here.
    Canada is NOT a Democracy.
    Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, where the Government of Canada is Absolute Suzerain in the Name of the Crown.
    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms offers no Unalienable Rights to Leafs. All is conditional and subject to the whim of the State; where any appointee, the RC(%&!?@#*)MP, any dog catcher, meter-maid or untersturmbannfuhrer can suspend your human rights and civil liberties on a whim.
    The Government of Canada owns every single thing in this country, and the dirt it sits on, in fee simple.
    That is it. That is all.

    • And that is why Canada must break up into distinct entities under one umbrella, said umbrella for linked infrastructure and crap like that.

      The nation is too divided, it can’t be reconstituted. Too many different mentalities, from East to West and North to South.

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