A look at Big Pharma, and how they control the media

The title of this post falls short of the mark actually.

This morning, Oz-rita flagged me down to read a post and watch the videos in it with careful attention. She drew my focus to the following part of the main video in the originating post.

Just after the segment above, he ties in the assassination of John Lennon with this whole mess. To be honest, I don’t know if that hurts Mercola’s case, or if its true. Hell, the assassination of Lennon makes more sense if it was because he was doing media exposing the elites’ plans to screw us all over, than some schizo managed to get his home address and shoot him for love of Yoko. Yoko of all people. The guy was crazy but not blind or deaf.

I dare speculate this way because if we have learned one thing in 2020, and 2021, its that the problem with “conspiracy theories”, a CIA invented term in the 60s to delegitimize anyone questioning an official narrative, its that conspiracy theories never go far enough to get anything truthful. We feel comfortable saying that at this site because we had the Hydroxychloroquine thing nailed right from the start and are now fully vindicated on every level. Not to mention the artificial origins of the Wuhan Flu, the uselessness of masks, and now the mRNA injections which are being yanked from various uses daily now. Canada seems most determined to inject everyone even while the evidence that its very bad for especially young men, becomes harder and harder to hide.

Oz-Rita feels this article is important as is the entire video from which we took that excerpt above. The author of this site has not seen it all or read it yet. But Oz-Rita is a pretty solid judge of what matters, so its worth posting for those that want to persue this. To those that do, please offer your opinions, pro or con, in the comments. The overall thesis is a very large and very disturbing one. But one which we already know that one of the premises is factually correct. Big Pharma has people on the board of all big media. The narrative on the mRNA shots is controlled and not in the interests of the general public.

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  1. Pushing fear. Worms & Germs Blog:
    Taking Care of a COVID-19 Patient’s Pet
    By Scott Weese on Jun 15, 2021 11:30 am
    I get asked about this topic a lot. Early in the pandemic, I wrote a post about options for caring for pets of people with COVID-19. Some things have changed a bit now that we know more know about SARS-CoV-2 in animals and the associated zoonotic risks, and we have a vaccine for people. One… Continue Reading… https://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/2021/06/articles/animals/cats/taking-care-of-a-covid-19-patients-pet/

    Just scads of links to how corona virus in dogs is a danger to humans…. https://www.bing.com/search?q=early+corona+virus+in+dogs+&form=ANNTH1&refig=e949f70cd4ad480791a0ab1e25c345a6
    By the way this asymptomatic shit is just that, if you are not symptomatic it means the virus is not replicating in your body even thou you may have fragments of it and your immune system is producing antibodies. That is NOT DISEASE that is a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  2. ‘Canada seems most determined to inject everyone even while the evidence that its very bad for especially young men…’
    Twenty rounds right through the X-ring!
    In the early ’90’s, as the Marxist-Multicultural sewer over-flowed on the left coast, any inherently systemically racist because of parasitic whiteness Father, whose misfortune was suffering a divorce, was suddenly, and violently imposed upon by an unending hoard of SCUM-marxo-feminazi-CHUD-type minions of darkness, the FMEP. All were more than happy to inform (screech/maoist harangue) counter-revolutionary regressive class/race/gender traitors (Fathers) that they were to be crushed, preferably castrated, because ecole polytechnic; justified and informed by the state narrative that all men are inherently raping-murdering-misogynists, and guns are bad. The truth of the matter; that an Algerian Muslim took homicidal exception to educating women per the koran, gets buried, then perverted, to service a marxist led pogrom against canadian families by crushing Fathers and impoverishing-preferably destroying families, while taking a tidy profit for the state as a soupcon. Loads of huge salaries and bonuses all around for a large number of well-fed BIPOC marxo-SCUM-feminists, many recently arrived from countries best described as open sewers.
    Note the targets. Fathers, young men. That gender and ethnicity decided who the state actions is evident the record. That Family Law in moonbat-land is actually poisonous and often fatal, is not an exaggeration. (A bit testy? Yes, my cojones were briefly caught in that mangle, but I could, and did, wetback out, fought on my terms, and Won. My children, and grandchildren are naturalized, and now, native, Red-State American’s.)
    The rhetoric of the Marxo-CHUDs are clear, and plain. They want certain peoples dead. With plausible-deniability, of course. They are cowards, and won’t do the deed with their own hands; unlike Mr.Xi, for instance.
    But, none of that matters when Class, or Race Traitors require re-education, or re-location.
    Should we be surprised when the great marxo-SCUM-feminist and his puppet masters lie to murder citizens for race and gender crimes? This country has been doing that for my entire adult life. I am not the least bit surprised that Canada formed a corporate-government partnership to industrialize the depopulation industry as agreed to in Vancouver in 2010. Cha-Ching!

  3. I wish I could find what I read some time ago on the incestuous relationship between big media, government, and big pharma. It broke down the mechanics of it similar to this post. Devious, profitable and most effective. I will keep digging, but this is a worthy post, imho, that should be read.

    We’re rotten, folks, plain and simple. MS-13 has nothin’ on these white-collar drug pushers. In fact right now I’d rather do a rail of coke than take a dose of neo-fascist mRNA, and then a dose of Dystopian propaganda bullshit, then another brain-smoking mRNA obedience stab. I’ve heard a number of people first-hand say they felt “foggy” or “zombied” after getting an injection. Everyone makes their own choices and many here have, too. It is a personal choice for personal reasons. I get it. Problem is, however, that Dystopia ain’t no Texas and there are no parliamentary murmurings of any law set to protect the non-injected.

  4. Thursday, June 17, Independent Member of Parliament, former Conservative, who was kicked out for speaking the truth, will be holding a Parliamentary Summit in Ottawa with a panel of brave Canadian medical professionals and members of the scientific community. One of his guests will Dr. Byram Bridle. CPAC must broadcast it.

    They are speaking out about the vaccines.

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