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3 Replies to ““It’s not going away, we’ll need booster shots” -CEO MODE-RNA”

  1. – I figure they have no intention of adjusting the number of cycles used in their test kits. Everything seems to be highly planned ahead of time for the new round of jabs –

    UK faces 100,000 cases EVERY DAY by July as Indian Covid variant drives up infections by more than a third over last week to 7,738 and Boris Johnson is warned by ministers lockdown rules will remain until next spring


  2. I think it’s about HIGH Time for those EVIL Shites to sneeze into the Basket, or be drowned in their own Poison.
    Otherwise I fear for the survival of each and every good human aspect of Humanity.

    One Lockdown to rule them all,
    One App to find them,
    One Vaccine to bring them all
    and in the darkness bind them.

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