It’s all done with Magnets, phoney protests and Germany’s various covid scams: Links post 2, June 12, 2021

1. Interview with 35 YO mRNA injection victim

(No idea who either of these people are. We do know that the official narrative is lies. So its considerable easier to listen to anything else and at least consider it. Personally I want to see the magnet test done after they wipe the spot of skin with isopropyl alcohol first.)

2. Red Pill Germany on the masks, tests and ICU beds scams

3. LEVY: Three prominent docs call lockdowns a waste of time

They’ve been called “witch doctors” and “snake oil salesmen” for daring to go against the prevailing “group think” about lockdowns and to challenge the “preening camera hungry” medical experts who don’t represent the experience of clinicians and nurses on the front lines of the COVID battle.

But in a lengthy Zoom interview this past week, Paul Elias Alexander, Howard Tenenbaum and Harvey Risch — all PhDs working out of prominent universities — told me flat-out that lockdowns are a complete waste of time.

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4 Replies to “It’s all done with Magnets, phoney protests and Germany’s various covid scams: Links post 2, June 12, 2021”

  1. ITEM 1: Maybe it’s the metal content in a particular syringe needle. They would have to follow up on the needle manufacturer and compare with the injected people who are now magnetic.

  2. With reference to the lockdowns.
    I think we are wasting our time arguing against the lockdowns from a biological or medical standpoint. These are our no concern to those who are giving lockdowns onto the world.
    Rather, the main culprits are the behavioural ‘scientists’. The arguments against lockdowns must be aimed at those who are using behavioural manipulation techniques to enforce them on us. Destroy their influence and end lockdowns.

    • Considering that most transmission cases occur in the home and the alarmingly high percentage of teens who have attempted or contemplated suicide should be sufficient to end lockdowns. Also, the younger kids are traumatized and they’ll carry the effects for a very long time.

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