Trudeau, Fauci liars. Trump right and could have saved hundreds of thousands with HCQ

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  1. I hope it starts sinking in soon for the majority of people . After I watched the dateline special about Prozac being so effective against covid all I could think about was “holy shit this never had to happen “ as they knew about Prozac since last March also! It’s only when the reality of “ none of this had to happen “ and “ this is all done under the premise of corporate slavery” and “ all the politicians are rogue” ,sinks into the brains of the majority we can make some real progress .

    • I just showed that Video-clip to a Sheeple, and the answer I got was “Fake News”.
      How can you get through to people that have had their brains so thouroughly removed by the Media that they have instead of a functioning Brain, a Government Recording Device?

      • You cannot. That is the secret behind mass indoctrination: all doors to reality are sealed. These people live in a world constructed by their TV and their phones and they would not know truth if it hit them in the face.
        Only when it all falls apart around them, will they realize, but by then it will be too late and they wont survive unless they are a major part of it.
        I have culled my own once long list of friends , acquaintances an even relatives over their refusal to see reality as I was sick of the “blank look” my comments received. It was easy as most had sent me to Coventry anyway. I remember once having to ask one woman, an old school friend: “excuse me, but did I say f*** or something?”. That was when I did not understand.

      • Would a man walking in a LGBTQ parade carrying a sign “Allah Loves Equality”, believe you if told him the Reliance of the Traveller, Islam highest authority states:

        “The legal penalty is obligatorily imposed upon anyone who fornicates or commits sodomy….. If the offender is someone with he capacity remain chaste, then he or she is stoned to death.”o12.1 and o12.2

        The Prophet said: “ Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him”, and “Lesbianism by women is adulatory between them. The punishment for adultery is death by stoning”.

        Canadian Imam, Zafar Bangash said:
        “It is time to pick up stones and stone these people to death for this abomination….Allah imposes this responsibility upon us”.

        Would he tell you you are Islamophobic?

        Brainwashed individuals yell louder and go for the throat. Hmmmm

      • You can’t get through to them it’s just pointless. Unless someone is doing a spectacular prank on me, the science is overwhelming with facts about the dangers of these vaccines . The sad thing is they will find out the hard way if it doesn’t kill the right away it definitely can cause harm down the road . I hope it clicks for more people but sadly they can not be talked to , in fact they all answer the same way it appears they are in a cult .

  2. Happy it’s in Spanish. We can try to spread the word in person but zombies are zombies. Only subtitles are highly efficient, so sad.

    Media and Premiers such as Doug Ford and François Legault knew they misjudged the available information but instead of owning up to it, they dug in further to crush in order to protect themselves.

  3. After seeing the initial results with hydroxychloroquine and listening to the logical comments that Donald Trump made about it I assumed the “pandemic” would fade away quickly and be gone in a month or so. Then this unbelievable jihad against hydroxychloroquine started and people started dying by the thousands while they just kept lying and lying and lying, all in the name of preventing Donald Trump from looking good in any way and making the “pandemic” as destructive as possible as long as it was happening on “Trump’s watch”…

    I have been hoping and praying for the last year that the evil Dr. Fauci be brought to justice and sentenced to life in prison for murder in the first degree and treason. He is the same thing as Dr. Mengle and he deserves to be executed and the Democrat party has been taken over by blatant murderous lying criminals who will kill by the millions to get their way…

    Oh, and while we’re at it, I also pray that people notice one day that Hillary Clinton and Barack Osama murdered the legitimate president of the Nation of Libya and handed his country over to the Islamic Jihadis. The reason they invented the effing United Nations and the League of Nations before that was to prevent big bullying nations from doing stuff exactly like that. Clinton should be tried by the Hague Court and locked up in Spandau Prison for the rest of her life in the same cell they had Rudolph Hess in. You’re not supposed to just whack Presidents like that just because it’s convenient for you. Imagine if the Americans whacked the Prime Minister of Spain or Latvia. I guess it’s only OK if the poor guy has brown skin. Like, she murdered Muammar Gaddafi and destabilized a relatively well-run decent African country. Muammar might have been weird but he was a pretty good President…

    • The Hague Court is controlled by the leftists, they wouldn’t touch any left wing leader or wanna be Dictator.

      The League of Nations failed because the scum of the earth became leaders of powerful nations. The United Nations has failed for the same reason, both are manifestations of the lefts desire for a one world socialist government. They are big government and are part of the problem.

      • The UN is also an excellent place for making large amounts of money. First, you found some body with a fancy name like, “The United Nations Symposium on Racial Justice”, then you raise funds for it, then when you retire you are mysteriously worth 120 million dollars with an estate in The Hamptons… Imagine how much money gets pilfered out of, say, UNRWA. The mind boggles…

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