Corbett Report: Science Says …

The Corbett Report is often very good. Here he is talking about how people pronounce edicts but pretending that it is science, much like the game, Simon Says, except Science Says.

The original link sent in by EB is here, and offers a Youtube link which leads to a notice that the channel has been deleted for blah de blah blah. This adds a lot of credibility to Mr. Corbett in our view, since Alphabet/Google/Youtube has taken down many channels we started because the materials we posted were true and a threat to the narrative. Meanwhile, Youtube hosts every kind of unscientific Healy feely gobbledygook people can think up. Which as a stand alone is fine. But its the deletion of peer reviewed science that can save lives and does when the odd doctor is willing to use it, that is why Youtube’s principles need to be on trial at the next round of Nuremberg trials.

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