Enemy propaganda to, well more enemy propaganda really: Links 1, June 1, 2021

1. Prager U video interview of a former 25 year news anchor who left the business because it has become enemy propaganda, and no longer information. (My interpretation of her words) Eight minutes long

2. Interesting little video segment, related to nothing going on IRL of course, but interesting nonetheless. Worth the four minutes for sure.

3. Teen rushed to hospital after getting second mRNA shot, previously healthy

(Someone needs to read a bible passage at him and see how he feels. See item 2)

4. Fascinating segment of an interview with Viktor Orban. You can see the kind of tactical use of language and layered deceptions used to attack him. A communist party accuses him of something, and he must defend himself while there is no discussion of the motives of the communist (UK Labour Party AKA Fabian Society Matthew 7:15) attack. Orban is skilled in his answer. And I guess its necessary to respond as he does as enemy-propaganda media will distort all he says if he is nuanced. But what a shame he can’t speak more directly to the questions.

5. So, I guess the fault with all the Covid-injection damage lies with Canada and British post?

6. Randy Hillier highlights the cowardice of those who did not vote yesterday in the Ontario legislature, which led to Doug Ford having dictatorial power until the end of the year.

Thank you MissPiggy, HeHa, EB., Johnny U., PC., M., ML., Ron B., Rich, Richard and a long list of wonderful people for all your contributions to the mosaic which seeks to create an image of reality.


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7 Replies to “Enemy propaganda to, well more enemy propaganda really: Links 1, June 1, 2021”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/biden-china-problem-covid-origins-confront-liz-peek

    Richard Nixon may have been guilty but he definitely would not have been impeached if he had been a Democrat, so I am against his impeachment. I was also against impeaching Bill Clinton for the crime of fooling around. I just really don’t care what Bill does on his time off.

    That being said, it is critical at this moment that impeachment proceedings begin against Joe Biden. We’ve all seen the video that proves Biden is corrupt so there is no doubt that the Chinese and God-knows-who-else have enough evidence to put him in prison for life. Imagine if the same situation had existed between Churchill and Hitler forcing Winston to give in to Germany or face exposure, disgrace, and prison…

    This is a triple red-alert emergency! Ring! Ring! Ring! Biden must be impeached or China’s going to do more than eat our lunch. Oh, and of course Iran, Turkey, and North Korea will be riding in on those coattails like mad monkeys…

    You know… I really don’t understand how so many people can be so obtuse as to fail to see that the Democrats are purposely dismantling the United States of America because the enemy now appoints the American President.

    • People really misread the Clinton impeachment. It was the Democrats who tried to make this about infidelity. The facts are that Clinton had said in court under oath that he never had sex with Paula Jones, and in fact had never had sex with anyone except for his wife. The impeachment was about perjury, not infidelity. Chances are it was similar to getting Al Capone on Tax evasion. They knew the Clintons were dirty and guilty of a lot lot more than just that. But the perjury charge was cut and dried so they went with it.

      And Paula Jones was a rape trial if memory serves.

    • Too late. The crumbling ‘Biden’ regime simply backs Xi further into the corner.
      Face. Xi is the golden boy who is destroying Taiwan for communism, and now is the time. He cannot lose face, which is life/death/nuclear stuff to a goo…d and wonderful guy like Xi. The time table moves up. Xi must move on Taiwan while he is assured of his bumbling DC lackey and neutered US command structure. Xi needs 90-120 days to assemble his forces for the March weather window in the Formosa straits. That means Wuhan2 must be ‘delivered’ by the end of November. It will look for that ‘spike protein’, or what ever the marker is that the global plutocracy wants to inject you with so badly, and it will kill.
      Xi has landed a crippling (because population of dipoids demand police state because covid) first strike, and he gets his smoke screen and preparatory bombardment for free. This is PLA doctrine, by the way…
      The norks, paks, iraniaks, palistinianoids and any other opportunistic weasel creatures will also go off, just in case the real plague hadn’t held your attention.
      The Stuff goes out of control fast; as one might expect from the critical thinking ability and temperament of the executive branch, and Stuff will escalate fast.
      I hope my surplice shop crystal ball is cracked.
      Then again…impeachment for treason in Time of War…That might just about be worth it. We might even get really lucky and flame off 160 million mostly urban post-modernists. Anyway, it will be kino.

  2. Yoram Hazony @yhazony
    One of the remarkable things about this moment: We’ve got Marxists, social liberals and nut-job white identity race perverts falling over themselves to agree on one thing:

    There is “not one” contribution they need to thank Christianity or Judaism for.
    Friedrich Ebert @SecularLib · May 30
    Replying to @yhazony
    There’s not one unique contribution that we should thank Judeo-Christianity for. Anything great and noble about the west today is attributed to our pre-Christian heritage as well as the enlightenment era.


  3. 2. FunVax

    “Ryan Harper created the FunVax conspiracy. You can email him at FunVax@gmail.com

    “In 2011, I created a story called FunVax.

    To be more accurate, it was a collaboration between me and a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. And rather than a simple story, it was an idea for a mockumentary.”

    “The internet age has rapidly intensified the ability for conspiracy theories to spread across large populations of people, but why are Christians so susceptible to conspiratorial thought? Increasingly these grand narratives regarding the alleged machinations of nefarious figures are making their way into the mainstream of both American political life and American religious life”



  4. 2 Wow! He thinks that this gene runs things? What a load of bull effluent! Then he proposes a virus to neutralize that gene? Without having ANY proof (his “lecture hints at a relationship . it is NOT proof) and which idiot gave him the funding for this garbage?
    The concept of “one gene is the culprit” was born WRT congenital inherited disorders where a simple biochemical fault/fix was obvious. To extrapolate this to thinking and beliefs is incredibly naïve as almost all such have to be multiple genes in expression, It is virtually in the infamous breast cup size/intelligence assumption class and is not science but opinion.

    Some people believe as they require a pre-ordained life structure and cannot cope otherwise. Others because it makes them feel better and do try and be a better person. But most are simply indoctrinated. Do note that I also classify atheists as believers (they evangelize, they believe in something impossible to prove and they are often arrogantly fanatical). I wonder if he does?
    The money spent on that project would have been far better spent on assassinating imams all over the world. But in actual fact if it reaches fruition, it is far more likely to be used on Christians.
    This is further proof that the world is fast becoming more insane and more dangerous.

  5. Please relost the short pentGon vid on Fundvac.
    The concept is analogous to what we are presently experiencing now ith this lab created varient of corona and the subsequent injection…
    Psychopaths have distinct brain patterns and likely specific genes related…
    This type of research is very scary although the expected outcome of mind altering the majoroty of islamic psychos world wide is a delightful thought

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