Alleged policy in UK schools for removal of children from Covid-skeptical parents

This was sent to us just as a file with a photo. Gates of Vienna was kind enough to make the graphic you see here, but it is to go over what is just an audio file. We don’t know who sent it, who made it, or what school it is about.

What we do know is, the UK even a decade ago took children away from parents who belonged to the EDL. At that time, the EDL was a peaceful grass roots protest group that believed the British public should have some say in determining the future of GB, its culture and population. So it is not in any way a stretch to believe this is true. Also given the direction of much of the Anglosphere as well.

Total play time is under 4 minutes.

Long time readers of this site will also remember Stephen Coughlin’s excellent lectures on Obama’s office of the CVE, or Countering Violent Extremism. The contents of this audio file are a perfect analogue for that very Marxist program of making false equivalents in order to dialectically replace the mainstream culture with whatever they want. So as Stephen explained, (paraphrasing from memory) if a person was to take an oath to the US constitution, they are an extremist and must be treated as such. And if they swear an oath to defend the constitution by force, then they are a violent extremist.

For those that think this is crazy, look at what the current US administration is doing to the armed forces right now. They are purging anyone who notices the Marxist nature of all new policies, and all who are overtly patriotic, and increasingly those who might be covertly patriotic using these kinds of terminologies.

So it is not, in any way, a stretch to think this could be applied to people who are skeptical of an unneeded and highly experimental, unapproved mRNA injection.

I believe that this clip should include material about the CVE. Either way its an excellent lecture by Maj. Coughlin. I will endeavour to find more on the CVE, which was cancelled under Trump but accelerated under Obama’s 3rd term.


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  1. OMG. This is so insidious, outrageous, so 1984 it’s hard to believe. That this man felt he had to disguise his voice makes it even worse.

  2. Disguise is the word now. Foolish to expose oneself unnecessarily.
    And it will get worse.
    They are enjoying tormenting us. Sadists.


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