UN declares war on, well us really. Under the rubric of Covid 19: Links 2, May 24, 2021

1. “We Are At War” Against COVID-19, Says UN Chief

(Summary: Covid 19, Alien invasion, Global warming. Name three things that are mostly bulls**t but require an unelected global government to fix)


The world is “at war” against Covid-19, the UN chief said Monday, calling for the application of wartime logic to the inequitable access to the weapons needed to fight the pandemic.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres decried the “tsunami of suffering” sparked by the coronavirus crisis.

Addressing the opening of the World Health Organization’s main annual assembly of member states, he pointed out that more than 3.4 million people have died and some 500 million jobs had disappeared since the disease first surfaced in China in late 2019.

“The most vulnerable are suffering most, and I fear this is far from over,” Guterres said, stressing the ongoing dangers of “a two-speed global response.”

“Sadly, unless we act now, we face a situation in which rich countries vaccinate the majority of their people and open their economies, while the virus continues to cause deep suffering by circling and mutating in the poorest countries,” he said.

“Further spikes and surges could claim hundreds of thousands of lives, and slow the global economic recovery,” he said, insisting that “Covid-19 cannot be beaten one country at a time.”

Lets remember who this guy is:

2. Alberta orders major universities to suspend pursuit of new partnerships with China

(Article not available except paid. Headline is interesting though)

3. Desantis clearly stated the origins of the Wuhan Flu

4. ‘Kill the Jews’: Arab mob attacks pro-Israel rally in Illinois

Arab mob crashes pro-Israel rally in Illinois, torching Israeli flag, attacking demonstrators, and calling for massacre of Jews.

A pro-Israel rally held outside of Chicago over the weekend was crashed by a mob of Arab protesters who attacked the pro-Israel demonstration and called for the slaughter of Jews.

The incident occurred on Sunday in downtown Naperville, a city of roughly 150,000 less than 30 miles west of Chicago.

Dozens of Israel supporters gathered outside of city hall Sunday to express support for the Jewish state, before marching through downtown Naperville, organizers said.

In the week leading up to the event, the Instagram account created for the march received over 1,300 comments containing vile anti-Semitism, hate speech, calls for violence at the event, and death threats toward the organizers said Daniel Raab, one of the people behind the rally.

Raab said that a counter-demonstration, dubbed the “Naperville Protest for Palestine”, was later planned, “with the explicit intention to intimidate the Jewish run rally and march onto city hall to confront the 50 Jews and allies gathered for Israel. Violent intentions were expressed as the goal of the confrontations.”

The pro-Israel gathering was interrupted when multiple trucks filled with men waving Palestinian flags drove by, swearing at the attendees and yelling “Free Palestine”.

5. Jon Voight speaks to the new antisemitism.

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  1. GA. Pastor Reads Ruby Freeman Facebook post from Dec. 6, 2020 on how “Trump was winning, so she went to Plan B” – Incredible Stuff !
    Proof of GA. and Nation wide Election Fraud is below and on Facebook. Ruby describes how Dominion, Stacey Abrams, her daughter (Election Supervisor), Biden and others were involved in this and multiple election crimes.
    Watch this before it is yanked by Youtube

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