Communist Canada suppresses medical truth on multiple levels: Links 1, May 22, 2021

After some thought, it occurs to me that this post contains enough information for a person to be able to determine for themselves that there is something dramatically wrong with many, if not most government’s response to covid. NEVER before has there been so much deception and manipulation of media and doctors and definitions in order to force the public to accept an untested technology. Bribing 12 year olds with ice cream after adjusting the law to allow them to take it without parental consent? But not have a beer? That is the least worst component of this post. As a consequence, I am making this a sticky post for a while and newer items will be below this post.

Please do check each item, and the video on Ivermectin especially. We are being had. The “Why” of it is another issue we can all speculate on later. And most of us may be right to one degree or another. but the key thing is, that facts indicate we are being royally had.

1. mRNA injection sites luring 12 year olds to be injected with the promise of ice cream. (In Ontario, at 12 you no longer need parental consent)

2. Epstein jail guards charged with falsifying records

Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself were charged Tuesday with falsifying prison records.

A grand jury indictment made public Tuesday accused guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas of neglecting their duties by failing to perform checks on Epstein every half hour, as required, and of fabricating log entries to show they had.

The charges against the officers are the first in connection with the wealthy financier’s death in August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

The city’s medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide.

A message left with union officials representing the guards wasn’t immediately returned.

(So the guards will take the fall but the people who threatened or paid them will never see the inside of a court. Any bets?)

3. These deaths will be called “Covid related” in our new communist in all but name, dystopia. Certainly by CBC.

4. OAN News on Ivermectin

5. Why Is the U.S. Army Abandoning Due Process?

At a time when the United States is facing worldwide threats and the first near-peer adversary in a generation, the Army is purging commanders without due process. For the Army to work, there must be trust among different levels of commands. But our current General Officers (GOs) no longer support commanders under their authority and are happy to throw away any semblance of due process to shield themselves from scrutiny. GOs hide behind investigations that remove fundamental elements of the rights of the accused and rely on “administrative actions” that are actually punitive in nature. Unsupported complaints are enough to launch full-scale investigations, lacking even basic due process.

While AR 15-6 investigations have been around a long time, their current use to circumvent due-process rights and avoid full Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) proceedings, where robust due process is afforded, is a recent trend. Trust between commanders allowed for many things to be handled commander-to-commander to tackle problems at multiple levels. But AR 15-6 does not ever require a commander to open an investigation. However, there is risk aversion among GO-level commanders, so by appointing an investigating officer (IO), they can absolve themselves of the responsibility of dealing with the complainant directly.

6. Governments across Canada withholding COVID-19 data to regulate public reaction to pandemic, says access-to-information advocate

(In a communist state like Canada, its critical to make sure the public does not have accurate information with which they could make informed choices. Because then you would have all this messy freedom to content with.)

VANCOUVER—Governments across Canada have been withholding COVID-19 data in an exercise of “paternalistic” information-hoarding likely meant to regulate public reaction to the pandemic, says an access-to-information advocate.

Sean Holman, an access to information expert and journalism professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said uproar in British Columbia Friday over revelations the provincial government was only releasing a fraction of its COVID-19 data to the public is just one example of such secrecy.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Holman, who stressed B.C. is particularly notorious for withholding information. “But it really emphasizes the need for governments across Canada to provide more information to the general public about what’s going on during this public health disaster.”

The B.C. government was quickly on the defensive Friday morning after a Vancouver Sun report showed how little of the data the province has collected is being released to the public. The paper had been leaked two reports from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, both over 45 pages long.

They detailed COVID-19 data from the last week of April and showed how much of the information, such as local-level case counts and information related to age groups, is being withheld from the B.C. public. Meanwhile, similar data has been released publicly by other provinces such as Ontario.

7. Some Bitter bitter truth. People who expose real medical data are REMOVED from government

Thank you Johnny U., Mad W., Pauline, Michelle, Kalloi, Richard, PePi, and many more that are paying attention.

I must add, these items are particularly infuriating. Each one is about a deliberate and conscientious, with malice of forethought, attempt to defraud the public from their right to know things that are life and death matters. I cannot articulate what a proper response to this would be, beyond simply saying that the time for the governed to withdraw their consent to be ruled by these people is well nigh past.

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40 Replies to “Communist Canada suppresses medical truth on multiple levels: Links 1, May 22, 2021”

  1. I just go off the phone with the son of one of my oldest School-friends.
    Thorsten died this Morning in Hospital in Trier, Germany, he took the AstraZeneca shot 1 week ago….. the rest you can imagine. I’m not really surprised, he was always a stickler for Rules and Regulations and never participated in practical jokes, but he never ratted anyone out either.
    I remember when I managed to get a fishing-hook on a line into one of our teachers wig and tied the line to the banister in the stairway.
    He saw me doing it and never said a word about it to that teacher.
    But still, it’s sad that he had to go that way, murdered by the Government and Media.
    He would have turned 55 on December 12th.

  2. Thank you for the OANN video
    To those who can get ivermectin at farm supply stores it is probably a good idea to get it while you can. This is going to get ugly.

    • Prozac works great on everyone who they studied it on for early treatment . Episode from March 60 minutes two doctors educating us about it , it can be streamed if you want the information.

  3. 5 – This sounds like the Politically Reliable Generals are stabbing lower ranking officers in the back on a semi regular basis. Yesterday JohnnyU posted this article about how the politically reliable promotions are forcing good people out and will force an alternative non government controlled militia movement to protect the nation. That article is well worth reading especially after reading this article.

  4. Early in the spring of 2020 , it was apparent there was an agenda to suppress any therapeutic , when Dr. Zelenko was literally harassed by the gov , media and medical community.

    As a number of doctors have stated regarding COVID therapeutic advice provided (essentially none) by world wide medical officials … go home , self isolate for two weeks and if your lips turn blue , go to the hospital. Never before in dealing with an illness has the recommendation been to do nothing while waiting until a person is so sick hospitalization is required.

    A very candid interview with Archbishop Viganò discusses the Great Reset. Regardless of one’s views regarding the Catholic Church , he summarizes very succinctly what is in play and occurring now.

    NEW INTERVIEW: Archbishop Viganò discusses the Great Reset

    Some of the questions posed to Archbishop Viganò (see his answers at the link above)
    1. What does the Great Reset mean?
    2. Who are the key people behind the Great Reset? What do we know about their personal beliefs?
    4. In light of the fact that the World Economic Forum supports the strong lockdown policies implemented in light of the Corona virus, even praising the benefits of the lockdowns for the clearing of the air, it seems that the Corona crisis corresponds with their plans very well and is a useful tool for their Great Reset. Do you see any ties there between the WEF and the managers of the Corona crisis?
    5. More concretely, as it turns out, the West has imitated a lockdown policy that was first used by China, a totalitarian country. Does this not show us how much we in the West are already influenced by China? How else can we explain why the West would imitate Chinese methods?
    6. You were one of the early voices warning us that the Corona virus is being used for political purposes. I remember how in the very early stages, last year in March I was heavily influenced by people such as the immunologist Dr. Richard Hattchet, who stated that “this is the most frightening disease I have encountered in my entire career,” compared the Corona virus with the situation of World War II (minute 11.45) and praised the successful and “incredible sets of interventions” undertaken by the Chinese Communists in Wuhan. Now I realize that he is working on a vaccine for this virus and is funded for it with $20 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Could this example explain how we came to accept such stark restrictions in our lives and there was indeed a collaboration of different forces to scare us?
    7. You recently mentioned in an interview that “the Secretary-General of the United Nations recently stated that the virus was used to suppress dissent.” Could you tell us more about what the Secretary-General said?
    8. Could it be that we are already at a point where the global elites working for a Global Reset are effectively aligned with China, independently of China’s dictatorial rule of its people?
    9. Since we have imitated China’s lockdown rules, are we to expect that the West will also be more and more inclined to imitate China’s suppression of political dissent and religious groups, especially Catholics and in general Christians?
    10. In light of a possible growing collaboration between the Global Elites of the Great Reset and China, working toward a less free society, what do you think about Our Lady of Fatima’s warning that without a proper consecration of Russia, Russia would spread its errors throughout the world, with Communism being her main error?

  5. This morning will riding in rural Ontario, a welcome sight was seen, a full hotel (rare thing) and a biker gang ignoring distancing as well as masks. Pockets of sanity still exist. Returning to the urban landscape, insanity was back on full display.
    A gas station had government posters telling people to take the jab for the senior citizens. LTC in Ontario has been in too many places, all political parties (except green) and decades storehouses for the elderly. It is insulting that the current government has discovered concern for senior citizens after all this time.
    Wonder what the next type of persuasion these globalists will use?

    • We could have a blood supply for vaccinated people and one for unvaccinated people or maybe we might not be able to rely on that.

      Francois 35, Roger 37, Gerald 43 and Claude Blanchard and Claude’s wife , were Canadian brothers with hemophilia. They all died within 6 months of each other of “gay-pneumonia”.

      They, like the 700 others with clotting disorder, contracted the AIDS virus from blood products approved by the Canadian government and distributed by the Canadian Red Cross.

      The consensus seems to be that Canada’s Public System failed to react quickly enough – – the tangled web of bureaucracy cost an awful lot of Canadians their lives.

      David Page the VP of the Canadian Hemophilia Society said:

      What will be said 10 years from now about Justine Trudeau and all the Canadian politicians who went along with the COVID lockdowns? Will politicians be charged with crimes against humanity?

    • Instead of lockdowns, we should be locking up a large number of politicians, “ health care” bureaucrats and news collaborators. We have been lied to and those responsible should be charged and locked up.

  6. 2. Epstein jail guards charged with falsifying records

    If you think about it analytically the only reason someone would become a prison guard is for the money. People become doctors and pilots and cops and firefighters because they want to be those things, but prison guards are just looking to live a decent, well-paid life despite possessing a small amount of talent and little potential to rise to the top. In other words, it makes sense that guards are eminently bribable because money is the sole reason they’re there in the first place. Why else do you suppose there are always drugs in prison among other things? They’re also liable to extortion when the wrong person has evidence of their corruption…

    Those guards have been paid off and will be retiring in Costa Rica with a nice nest egg and a nice little early retirement life. Not everyone is loaded with talent and potential and good looks. Not everyone can dream of being a lawyer or an accountant or a hockey player or a businessman or a movie star. But a prison guard can look forward to a decent retirement and a not-bad little life thereafter if he just puts in his time. Those guys have been told that they’re useless since the first grade and they’re happy to get what they can get…

  7. COVID-19 has to be a hoax otherwise the authorities would be interested in curing the thing rather than insisting that there is no treatment and actually banning the use of the only treatments that are known. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. COVOD-19 is a covert-warfare attack launched for the purpose of degrading the West in general and getting rid of the hated Donald Trump from the world political scene. Try to imagine how much the Chinese and the Iranians and the Pakistanis hate the United States and tell yourself they wouldn’t be so evil…

    Our authorities obviously want the “pandemic” to be as bad as possible and non-survivable without the “vaccine” that Pfizer and Dr. Fauci can make a billion dollars off of…

    • The vaccines are causing the variants it’s in the MIT study . There are a lot of theories right now but to address anything people need to actually read the study . At the end of it I’d advice on what vitamins are crucial to fight covid 19 as it’s these deficiencies which is causing people to get really sick with covid . Print it out and take a hour to read it all your questions will be answers

    • I actually spoke with the lead on the study . Anything your imagining , imagine worse and there you go . It’s a must read ! I can’t stress this enough to people

    • Freedom is relative.

      Ask those who’ve been in and out of bomb shelters 24/7 for the last 11 days or so.
      – – And their loved ones glued to screens, watching the map of strikes/interceptions in real-time.

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