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7 Replies to “Tucker Carlson with Peter McCullough: Australia’s Criminalization of Ivermectin, HCQ “something is up””

    • It’s the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

      ONTARIO: … The CPSO is a regional regulatory body empowered by statutory law to exercise licensing and disciplinary authority over the practice of medicine in Ontario. Think of it as the equivalent of a State Bar Association for American lawyers except for Canadian doctors. The statement from the CPSO goes as follows,

      The College is aware and concerned about the increase of misinformation circulating on social media and other platforms regarding physicians who are publicly contradicting public health orders and recommendations. Physicians hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19. Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations. Physicians who put the public at risk may face an investigation by the CPSO and disciplinary action, when warranted.

      – Other provinces would be the same scenario. –

      More: https://www.aier.org/article/canadian-doctors-are-being-censored/

  1. The Left took over the administration and control of Australia’s health system some 15+ years ago. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency took over control of all registrations: nurses, doctors, midwives etc. Many of us await the registration of witch doctors and shamans being accepted by them (not as stupid, nor as unlikely, as it sounds),
    Ever since the takeover, the leftist grip has tightened slowly. New midwives cannot register unless they now swear a confession to Australia’s racial crimes which is an absolute crock. Keith Windschuttle an eminent historian was given the task of sifting the records to determine the number of “murders”. He wrote a summary then began to detail the three main areas: Tasmania, the west/northwest and the east. The first two were available and we have them and the summary. But alas he told the truth(that it was 99% leftist lies and his grant was stopped and he was publicly crucified by those on the leftist money bandwagon and volume 2(the east coast) was never finished AFAIK.
    Wherever the left dominate in Oz the rules of law and sanity no longer matter. Gaoling a doctor makes reregistration impossible (now a criminal) and the act destroys totally her/his life as the leftist overlords will not forgive any resistance to their rule.
    I have tried to obtain HCQ and Ivermectin for well over year and only an illegal source was possible but the amount of money wanted was incredible. The joke was that before I relapsed again, I have often given my son, who climbs mountains in strange places, scripts for both drugs multiple times over the last ten years for malaria and parasite control.
    This is a conspiracy and it is killing people. The nursing home deaths were due as much to so many patients having a marked Vit D deficiency as they were to pre-existing illness. We are being lied to on so many fronts it is incredible.
    Those involved should be removed by any and all means and i now see this as the ONLY cure..
    If a member of my family dies from the lack of these items I will be severely tempted to reciprocate the loss directly. These leftist b*stards should be shot out of hand and, going by what people say, it should be not far off. But, unfortunately these are the informed ones. The rest do not have a clue and just mill around like sheep in the slaughter yard paddocks and will never know how they are being treated like such sheep. The Great Replacement I thought was a bad joke. I am not so certain now.

  2. Let’s look at this with some backward logic. First, who could be so filled with hateful purpose that they would conspire to deny millions of people access to a life-saving drug for the sole purpose of taking Donald J Trump down in the ’20 election? Then, who would have the power to manifest such opinions in the real world? Who has their finger on that magic button that makes media outlets from Stuttgart to Sydney all use identical headlines with identical opinions at the exact same time?

    Doesn’t that leave the Communist Chinese all alone in the middle of the field? Can you imagine how much they must hate The Donald for standing up to them and threatening to disrupt their evil plans of world domination? I think the “pandemic” was one big piece of covert psychological warfare and I think we lost. They took out Donald Trump like a long-range sniper… Very smooth…

    And I think they have us infiltrated way more than we think they do…

    • I hope that it is that simple. but The globalist clique have no country, no race, no religion, no politics and see themselves as above us all on account of the 1 billion in free cash that is mandatory to be able to have an invite to their table.
      They are scared that us plebs will dent their caviar supply and in the best tradition of aristocracies do not see us as human but as expendable items to keep them comfortable and to be culled when necessary.
      This may sound incredible but I assure you it is not. We had one of them working with us and she acted just like that and when she found that we did not agree, daddy had her helicoptered out after two weeks of a (for all else) 3 year unbreakable contract. Strangely the two who fought with her and won have always had great difficulty in obtaining any job despite skills, ability and references. No guesses as to why. That is how long is their reach.
      They really are the untouchables.

  3. My cousin in Melbourne was told her friends in India would get 2yrs. jail by the Indian Government if they forwarded her email about Covid & 5G to Indian friends.

  4. It is becoming rather obvious(to me at least) that the idea is to have ALL plebs jabbed(“vaccinated” is wrong) with the mRNA ?poisons. Many think that the primary aim was to make mega money for big Pharma and yes, that is certainly part of it and the refusal to use cheap effective medications. But being personally paranoid( an effective defence mechanism for the naïve or those who have been already targeted) I think that this may well be one step in the great culling with decreased reproduction as the primary aim while the ancillary miscellaneous deaths are just a bonus.
    To make this more discrete I am wondering IF we can expect a new “nasty” virus fairly soon (next 5 years) which will require a second mRNA jab as to camouflage any sterility aims behind such as the real effect may require binary application, a neat little trick as no one can say that any one MRNA was the agent.

    I am of the personal opinion that those who introduced the rules, knowingly or not (and it is hard to see any trace of “not”) forbidding such treatments should be summarily shot out of hand and I do not give a damn about “procedure”. That would at least give succour to the relatives of those who died from the outbreak and perhaps even the mRNA jab.

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