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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson does long form interview with our hero, Dr. Peter McCullough”

  1. I’m surprised that Tucker is surprised.
    HCQ – fish tank cleaner? Really Tucker? Give me a break.
    The vaccines apologetics reminds me of: … not that there is anything wrong with that. What they should worry about is not anti-vaxers but anti-medical professionals for breaking their oaths.

    It seems that they were holding back, tiptoe-ing/whistling past the graveyard. The hour is late. It’s time to tell the Truth and Just Say It!

  2. I saw three friends today at their home, both vaccinated and one not vaccinated. They heard on TV that Canada shipped 25,000 Remdesivir to India to treat C-19. I think they are starting to understand.

  3. Answer: American College of Physicians. The same in Canada per province. And Big Pharma are huge contributors to electoral campaigns.

    The list of names re said recorded cases of infection is private. Everything is designed to protect the government and the patients. Thus, you need someone you know when showing symptoms who requests Ivermectin or whatever and is refused and whose symptoms become worse and he suffers.

    Another option would be to be vocal when out in public and ask if someone knows of someone who was diagnosed C-19 and refused alternative treatments. It’s the way out.

    Then, a collective lawsuit against our state/provincial governments. But people are waking up.

    Meanwhile, my doctor no longer sees patients in-office. We get a date and approximate time when he will call us for whatever ails us. My call back date is some ten days as of request to see him for prescription renewals and other issues. If you don’t feel well, go to the hospital.

    A crumbling health system.

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