Fauci questioned by Rand Paul again over his role in funding China’s gain of function work: Links 2, May 11, 2021

1. I wonder what kind of an area Nottinghamshire is?

Bread spiked with metal STAPLES is discovered at popular dog walking spot as pet owners are warned to be on alert

A warning has been issued to dog owners in Nottinghamshire after bread laced with staples was found in a park.

The shocking discovery was made by a dog walker at Lenton Recreation Ground on Sunday.

The bread has been removed from the park, but there are concerns there could be more at the location which would be harmful to any dogs who may find it.

Nottingham City Stray Dogs posted online: ‘Please use caution when walking your dogs at Lenton Recreation ground/Lenton Boulevard side.

Pym Purnell found 17 mosques in the general area.

2. Ron DeSantis says no more face masks in school

(I think he is my write in candidate for the next Canadian election)

3. United Kingdom’s monarch, QEII has more faith in the abilities of black people and minorities it seems, than does the Biden admin and Democratic party, as they are implementing voter ID laws.

“Britons will have to show photo ID to vote in future general elections,” reportsThe Guardian. And the reason is obvious: to combat voter fraud.

The Queen is expected to formally announce the proposal in a speech on Tuesday.

Just like in the United States, this commonsense approach to fighting voter fraud is being met with accusations of racism from its opponents, who apparently think minorities are incapable of acquiring identification like everyone else.

That’s not all.

The voter ID requirement is one of a number of voting reform proposals, including one “which will also include a limit on the number of postal votes that can be handed in on behalf of others,” which is being justified by ministers “as a way to reduce the risk of electoral fraud.”

You don’t say?

“The changes would affect UK-wide and English elections,” the Guardian explains, though voters in Northern Ireland already have to show identification in order to vote.

(Meanwhile, Canada’s Queen, Justin Trudeau is tabling legislation that will allow people to mail in ballots the day after an election, making cheating damn near compulsory)

4. Ontario pauses use of AstraZenica as first dose vaccine.

5.  Rand Paul busts Fauci for his role in funding gain of function work in Wuhan labs

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