Israel post 1: May 11, 2021

1. Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv under attack

2. News team had to break due to attack

3. POTUS 45 issued this statement:

4. Bus hit by rocket fire in Tel Aviv

5. This is Gaza I believe

6. Fire on Temple Mount May 10th

7. IDF warning and safety precaution

8. City of Holon

9. Trans Israel pipeline Ashkelon

10. IDF says 80 jets are conducting raids and wide scale strikes in Gaza. The locals seem pretty stoked as they are yelling the same thing they yell when they are really happy about something

Please check the comments under this post, and under the Reader’s Links post for today for what Im certain will be a LOT more news on the current war in Israel which could widen and get a lot worse. I hope the Biden supporters are happy. They made this happen.

Thank you all who contributed to this post.

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  1. Germany: Antifa attacks shop for Israeli delicacies – A connection with the Muslim riots in Jerusalem can be assumed

    On Saturday night, there was an attack with the use of paint on the residential and business premises of Franz Laslo, a member of the AfD faction in the local council, in the street Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße in Schorndorf, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In a self-incrimination statement by the so-called “Antifa”, left-wing extremists claimed responsibility for the anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish-oriental shop, councillor Lars Heise reported on Facebook.

    Several Christmas tree balls filled with red paint hit the façade of the building where Franz Laslo has been running his Jewish-Oriental shop “BeitShalom” for many years. Among other things, there are many excellent products from Israel for sale there. Laslo is a member of the AfD and a friend of Israel, having spent many years there.

    “Since open anti-Semitism is now rarely openly shown to the outside world, even in left-wing circles, they hide behind so-called “criticism of Israel”,” wrote Lars Heise. “However, the fact that Jewish shops and institutions are targeted has not changed with regard to left-wing extremists.”

    For Franz Laslo, this is not the first attack on his premises. In its coverage of the latest attack, the Waiblingen newspaper publisher (ZVW) also outlines the other nefarious acts that have already hit the shop in Schorndorf’s old town. In 2017, several shots were fired at the shop’s window. Only a year later, there was another shop window attack with a heavy hammer. Shortly afterwards, Laslo complained of a verbal assault, as a result of which he was also spat at. However, the alleged perpetrator of the spitting attack was acquitted.

  2. IDF enters Lod as city goes into emergency lockdown

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “If this isn’t an emergency situation, I don’t know what is. We’re talking about life and death here.”

    Lod, a city in central Israel known for being one of the crime centers of Israel, was announced as being in a special civilian emergency on Tuesday night after Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced the diversion of Border Police officers to the city to serve as backup to authorities attempting to control violent protesters.

    This means that the city is now an enclosed area monitored by the IDF. Overall, 17 residents of Ramle and Lod were arrested on Tuesday, KAN reported.

    “We will do everything we can to restore order and security to Lod and to the whole country,” Public Security Minister Amir Ohana tweeted.

    Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai commented on the violence seen in Lod late Tuesday night: “We have not seen this kind of violence since October 2,000,” adding that he will move his office to Lod until the anarchy settles down.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed security forces to respond harshly to those who violently protest and threaten public security.

    Netanyahu arrived in Lod late Tuesday night following the day’s events, saying “We will not tolerate this; we need to restore calm.

    “If this isn’t an emergency situation, I don’t know what is,” he added, “we’re talking about life and death here.”

    When asked by reporters whether police activity in Jerusalem may have led to the unrest in Lod, Netanyahu shut the assumption down: “These events have no excuse, this is fundamental hate.”

    Gantz also indicated that he will provide all the necessary means to security forces in order to restore calm, including the power enforce a lockdown.

    “People’s lives are being threatened,” said Lod Mayor Yair Revivo in an appeal to Netanyahu and Gantz.

    “People might die tonight if the government doesn’t put Lod into a lockdown within the next hour,” he warned. The Lod Municipality has helped to evacuate residents who felt that their safety and security were too much at risk, Maariv, the sister publication of the Post, reported on Tuesday night.

    Gantz later said that he had spoken with Revivo, updating him that Lod will be secured with backup forces immediately.

    “We’ve gotten to a place where we have to treat criminals harshly, cool things down and maintain social order,” Gantz said.

    During the course of the violent riots throughout the city, the Maoz yeshiva in the mixed Jewish-Arab Ramat Eshkol neighborhood was firebombed, causing massive damage to one classroom and lesser damage to another, as well as superficial damage to the façade of the building. In addition, a synagogue was set on fire, as well as numerous cars belonging to Jewish residents.

    Firefighters also managed to successfully put out a massive fire in a tire shop, and are in the process of putting out a fire in a residential building.

    Initial escalations began as hundreds of Arab residents protested in Lod on Monday night in solidarity with Palestinians in east Jerusalem and Gaza by throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails around while marching toward the Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Eskhol.

    Israel police in the Ramle-Lod region reported that 16 protesters were arrested on Monday evening during riots in which around 200 Arab youth arrived to protest in solidarity with Palestinians in east Jerusalem. Many were seen throwing stones and bottles and and launching fireworks at police and buildings, while also burning trash cans and tires.

    A 33-year-old Lod resident and father of three named Musa Malakh Hassuna was shot dead during the riots on Hahashmonaim Street in Lod.

    Two more people were moderately injured in the incident, including a 20-year-old man.
    Violence continued on Tuesday night following the funeral of Hassuna, with rioters clashing with police, throwing rocks and rubble and once again setting fires.

    Footage obtained by The Jerusalem Post showed private streets in some of the quieter neighborhoods of Lod having cars set aflame in the middle of the night on Tuesday night.

    The riots took place over the backdrop of the Sheikh Jarrah conflict in east Jerusalem, in which a neighborhood populated by Arab residents is under proprietary dispute, pending a decision by the High Court of Justice. The ongoing conflict has led to protests throughout Israel.

    “The danger that Lod faces, and the damage that it can do, is harsher than hundreds of rockets being hurled towards Israel,” Revivo said.

    Clashes In The Arab Jewish City Of Lod

  3. Has Iran ordered its puppets to attack Israel to start a large war or to distract attention from China? Or is it both.

    To attack from two sides like this you know the are coordinated and are serious, the question is how serious.

    The entire world has to act as if this is the opening shots of WWIII until time proves otherwise.

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