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4 Replies to “Being woke means always being told to “be quiet””

  1. In an Australian bar:
    “Women competing in a man’s sport… should have done synchronized swimming where everyone’s a winner…”
    “Gavin’s a typical woman, bloody changing his mind…”
    “I only pity the poor Sheilas who transgendered into a man, anorexia is the last sport left”

    As overheard by Adrian Chilies…

    All hail the handicap system of the bridled.

    • From Hate Crimes, Social Credits and Identity Faking – to get ahead in the Weak New World. Cis Genders had better shup up and worship the new sock puppets. Racists!

      “Which The 22-year-old had feared his, her their community would ostracise them for being non-binary but instead they were 100% unanimously elected into office to serve”

      So what is the middle ground?

      Be whatever you want to be, and all are welcome in the manspace.

      But Muslims, Communists and Sexuals all enter the womanspace.

      Why? Because among men they they are dykes.

  2. In Cameroun, they jail trans-people for five years. They are jailed or killed in Islamic nations.

    Although I disagree strongly with harming them, they should have their own category in sports and not be allowed near children in schools or other youth activities.

    I worked with a Trans-male-to-female. I got along great with ‘her’. We had fun together. And I was following a male-to-female on YouTube and then YouTube shut down his/her account for being anti-Pride and pro-Trump. And I had contact with another him/her for some time. All good people who disagree with the Pride movement.

    There are good ones and bad ones. In sports, they’re all bad, IMHO.

    I also hung out for many years as a friend with Gays and at times, Lesbians. I’m a hetero. But I got to understand the underlying problem. Having seen many Reverts in both categories, of which one I became the desired intimate partner of a Gay for the first time in his life, their problem is they haven’t found the right partner of the opposite sex.

    These people, Gays-Lesbians-Trans need tenderness and uplifting experiences with people of the opposite sex. That’s my takeaway from some twenty+ years of being around them.

    • “These people, Gays-Lesbians-Trans need tenderness and uplifting experiences…” That’s my takeaway from some twenty+ years of being around them.

      Did you cure anyone?

      Did children say ‘if you weren’t around I don’t know what I’d become’?

      Honesty. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. They know, that you know it is an act. Don’t resist them, don’t go along with them, don’t fight them. Don’t give in.

      One day, like the muslim who met me last week, explaining his homelessness, manipulating for disability and emotional distress, bullying me; and I took a walk with him, sharing suffering worse without suffering, to deal with anger.and bring him to his senses. The mask fell off. The king with no clothes was not naked while naked. Comfortable in his own skin. For that moment.

      You are a man. You think you are a woman. Good for you. You don’t want to create your own man-woman sport, but enter a woman-woman sport? You didn’t start off a woman. Why do you think you should start a race half way in front?