Youtube purging of counter-narrative reality is staggering: The Swine Flu vaccine from 1976

This site uses the phrase, “Ultra-Vires” a lot. We like it. After speaking with lawyers from the US, GB and Canada, we can say safely that it is a fundamental principle in law in all three countries, and likely the entire commonwealth. It means that a government government agency is acting beyond the powers granted in the act it references when enforcing the act. So for instance, if you park your car near a fire hydrant and a parking control officer smashes your car with a sledge hammer and steals your entertainment system claiming its because you were in a no parking zone, that would be acting ultra-vires.

We learned of this in a really interesting video that we posted at least twice from last year, and linked to, another dozen times or more. A British fellow, perhaps a lawyer, explained how Covid regs as enforced in all our nations are in fact ultra-vires and the health or emergency measures act does not grant the powers for the kinds of actions we see every day now, and certainly not for this long.

I have been searching for that video for 2 days now. I cannot find it anywhere in any of my posts, or even on my backup drives. This may actually be a matter of incompetence and not malice, as I may not have used that term storing the video or posting it. But for whatever reason, I cannot find the video, even in SM chats where I posted the link to friends.

Searching for it in last year’s posts, I did notice something else.

A VERY high proportion of the videos we did post from Youtube are gone. Entire channels taken down. Just a grey square where an important or interesting or revealing video may have been.

One of them though, was properly named, and I did find the backup video and managed to restore it for the moment. And yeah, I think it deserves to be seen.

This, is not our first rodeo with government demanding we all get vaccinated for a crazy deadly flu.

60 Minutes from 1976 on The Swine Flu and the vaccine damage it did to a lot of people.

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5 Replies to “Youtube purging of counter-narrative reality is staggering: The Swine Flu vaccine from 1976”

  1. We really need to get serious about boycotting companies that support the leftist cause. I truly believe they are in the thrall of enemy agents and know not what they do, or sincerely do not care a rat’s behind due to their messed up personalities. I believe these leftists are the same types who voted in Adolf Hitler and if they are not stopped we will be seeing unimaginable suffering and violence. Like, actually pass on Coca-Cola…

  2. My Cousin had Covid beginning of December and according to her it was just like a mild to middling flu.
    In mid January she had the Astra Zeneca Mengele Juice, she died on the 4th. of February and left behind two underage Girls and a husband that suffers for the last 10 years from Parkinsons.
    My mum had the Pfizer Poison and ended up in a Coma in Hospital, she survived, but now her Heartbeat is completely out of sinc and has to go back to hospital on the 11th. of May.

    Professor Didier Raoult, Director of IHU Méditerranée Infection:
    “But there are more disadvantages than they say.
    There is work just published in Nature that shows that the Pfizer vaccine has 70% side effects.
    We’d never seen that before with a vaccine: it’s two to three times as much as the flu vaccine.
    There are some deadly effects as well.
    Is it worth the risk?
    Sure, when you are part of a population at risk, but when you are part of a risk-free population you may ask yourself, it is everyone’s choice. ”

  3. I was last vacinated when I was in diapers in 1964ish and have never had a single vaccination of any kind since. I am of the belief that germs keep me healthy, so I don’t run away from them. As a result, I have also never once used a hand sanitizer gel liquid, they would, in the end, make me sickly !
    I swear, anyone comes near me with a vaccine needle and I will surely roll up my sleeve, …. then give them the finger and guarantee them that if they come any closer, then it will be THEM which will be reported to VAERS as a covid vaccine death !!!
    lmfao !!!
    Yar !!

    • My fantasy is to offer them a syringe full of crap I made up in my bathroom that contains any number of unknowns and various organic material and tell them that I call it a vaccine, so it therefore IS a vaccine, and Ill consider taking theirs if they take mine.

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