Comparing medical advice from physicians Vs. graphic designers. Guess which one sets medical policy in Canada? Links 2, April 24, 2021

1. Israel said probing link between Pfizer shot and heart problem in men under 30

Leaked Health Ministry probe raises concerns as 62 cases of myocarditis found out of 5 million vaccinated — most after second dose; 2 deaths, but no direct link established

Details from an unpublished Israeli Health Ministry report into the side effects of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine have raised concerns that there could be a link between the second shot and several dozen cases of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, particularly in men under 30, Channel 12 reported Friday.

The concerns come from an intermediate report that was presented to ministry heads and to Pfizer in recent weeks, the TV report said. Excerpts from the leaked report stressed that investigators had not conclusively proved a link, but that they had significant concerns.

The report said that out of more than 5 million people vaccinated in Israel, there were 62 recorded cases of myocarditis in the days after the shot. It found that 56 of those cases came after the second shot and most of the affected were men under 30.

2. The suppression of early treatment is illegal, unethical and immoral

(A personal note: I had a doctor tell me directly that if s/he prescribed HCQ to me, s/he would lose their medical licence, and that the pharmacist would not fill the prescription anyway. This was said to me personally on the phone in the very early months of these lockdowns. This is despite the fact that this cheap, common, safe medication is used off licence for all kinds of other less lethal medical problems like certain forms of arthritis. Going forward, I will never trust the medical community again on anything. This also speaks to “the corporate practice of medicine”. As I understand this phrase, it means that doctors must use their own expertise to diagnose and treat, and that a corporate practice where all medical practitioners are to use the same party line, as it were, is not allowed and in the US, is actually illegal. The blanket ban on early treatment is corporate medicine. And according to that Texas Cardiologist, early treatment could have reduced deaths by eighty five percent, which would have taken this out of a pandemic and ended the lockdowns before they began. And now we have a Canadian Minister of Health, who is a former graphic designer with zero medical training, telling Canadians that vitamin D to boost immune function is “fake news”. Something is massively wrong in the West. She is clearly Canada’s answer to Great Britain’s I will post that video again below, as I feel its so important to the core of this whole matter.)

In truth, decency would suggest that questions addressed to health Minister Hajdu be focussed on her area of expertise. The Hon. member from the Conservative party really should ask her how she came to choose the fonts used on health Canada websites and publications.

Meanwhile, here is actual medical expertise on treatment of Covid with safe, available and common medications:

3. Senator Johnson speaks to his own infection and treatment of Covid 19, and his explanation of why there is suppression of cheap available treatments. And its because it means the end of emergency permission to use these mRNA injections.

Thank you all who sent in these materials. I hope this post gets some traction.

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  1. So basically… the governments created this pandemic with excess deaths by suppressing early home treatments, and sending the sick to hospitals where they were subject to “heroic medicine” that may have done more harm than good. It would have been a seasonal flu of minor importance otherwise, with a modest death rate. Do I understand this right?

  2. # It’s crazy isn’t it having a Health Minister with no medical experience.
    David Redman is the head of an emergency response team, I think in Alberta.
    He said that every Province has an ERT, that is prepared for any emergency including a pandemic, because a pandemic affects other areas besides health. But, in the Covid 19 response they’ve been ignored, and the Provincial Health Officer is making all the decisions.
    BC is currently under a non essential travel ban. The Province has been divided into 3 regional health zones and we’re not supposed to cross the boundaries unless it’s for a very good reason, like medical appointment or for education purposes. Travelling within each health reason is also discouraged. Notices have been put up at the border with Alberta and the RCMP will be monitoring travel. (I read somewhere yesterday that the RCMP are not too happy about being given this job.) I think they are already overwhelmed with crime and drug overdoses according to the local newspaper.

    This is David Redmond’s website.

    • David Redman also said that FEAR should never be used in an emergency situation, and it seems as if an attempt to invoke fear has been the main tool here in Canada at least. I think it’s affecting the old and the young mostly.
      I overheard two masked men talking the other day outside the butchers, said one to the other:
      “How long is this joke going to continue?”
      About wearing masks:
      “It’s like trying to catch mosquitoes with a chain link fence.”

  3. In America, there is a “right to try” law. I told my doctor that under that law I can use HCQ plus zinc – that is my right as a citizen. I got the prescription.

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