Hidden video on Ivermectin

I received an email about a major conference on treating Covid19 with Ivermectin today. “The first ever conference focusing on the use of ivermectin (IVM) as a prophylaxis and treatment for covid-19.”

Its apparently a two day event, for April 24th and 25th. Googling the Doctors involved turned up surprisingly little. I did find one video that was listed on Reddit, but when I clicked on it, it said it was removed by their spam filters. A doctor, offering a cheap effective treatment, was spammed off of Reddit.

Searching Youtube directly was no better but a lot funnier results for the various doctors. It gave wildly off-topic results for people with sort of similar names. But Bitchute did yield some gems:

It was worth it just to find that video, which was published on Bitchute back in August 2020. Hopefully the conference this weekend will yield great videos, and more importantly, doctors will start allowing us to have (i feel dirty just saying that. Like buying beer at a government owned store) Ivermectin.



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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore. Canadian Health Minister / Graphic Designer, Patti Hajdu, says using Vitamin D against COVID is “fake news”. Hmm 78 % of COVID patients were found to be deficient of vitamin D. Can the woman read, there are so many reports about COVID and vitamin D ………..

    I guess a graphic designer being Health Minister is no worse than a journalist as Finance Minister. Oh Canada!

  2. Health Canada and Canadian Health Minister / Graphic Designer, Patti Hajdu seem to get their COVID policy from CNN.
    … and NO , I don’t think she can read or even think logically.

    From what have read from sources such as Dr. Zelenko who have looked at previous data , HCL requires Zine to be effective and it seems the same for Ivermectin.

    The entire medical community and especially local doctors are going to lose a huge amount of status and trust once it is revealed that they have cowered in the background to the Media and Politicians regarding COVID therapeutic treatments. I doubt most GP’s are even aware or either HCL , Ivermectin, Zinc or Vitamin D treatments for COVID , or if they are they are remaining quiet and subservient.

    On a side note , apparently the medical community was also silent in the early stages of the Nazi takeover of Germany. Things never change.

    • Early in the game, I asked my doctor for HCQ. She told me: “no, because it doesn’t work, and we have to keep it for the people who get really sick”.

      I don’t know if I should admire her for letting on the truth while telling the prescribed lie, or go get another doctor if this thing ever ends. Either way I don’t trust the medical community anymore. Mostly because I have learned they now do corporate practice rather than operate on what they know to be best practice. This used to be illegal. Somehow now its reversed. Like everything else.

  3. You can order Ivermectin on-line at Pets Drug Mart in Toronto (phone no. 1-866-462-4007, but they never seem to answer the phone). A 50 ml. bottle is $78.79 + tax and shipping. My order (I live in Toronto) came to just $100. plus change. A dose for a human is 1:25-1:75ml. depending on weight. I was advised by another person that taking it quarterly is good, but I might take it more frequently (perhaps every month). I also take 20 milligrams of zinc daily, 200 micrograms of selenium daily, 2-3,000 international units of vitamin D3 daily. I am a very healthy, physically active woman in my 70s, and have a very good immune system. I haven’t had a cold or flu in years. I have no intention of taking the vaccine.

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