A smattering of the crazy that makes up the day to day now: Links 2, April 23, 2021

1. It was time to take them off before we put them on

2. Thank you emailer of this video and details:

Ivermectin is being used to treat Covid 19 in Florida and Texas and Wisconsin according Dr Ryan Cole of Idaho. A 70 to 90% improvement in death rate after using ivermectin.

This Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson video was posted yesterday 21st April.

Dr Ryan Cole starts talking at around minute 37.

At minute 49 he begins to discuss early treatment for Covid.

At 52 minutes he starts to talk up ivermectin.

In the USA they would have had 375,000 less deaths if it had been used for treatment of Covid-19, he claims.

His patients were better in 12 to 42 hours after treatment with Ivermectin.

In animal studies of the mRNA vaccines 100% of the animals got an inflammatory reaction or immune reaction after about six months after the injection or after being exposed to wild virus

3. We didn’t vote for this she says. But I dont see how they can be removed from office. The left seems to have a firm grip on all the levers of democratic checks and balances. They OWN the media. That is how they got rid of Trump, who got the most votes in US history and STILL LOST.

4. Dr. Scott Jensen for Governor of Minnesota

5. CBC – Halifax area enters 4-week lockdown

Strict restrictions are returning to Halifax and some surrounding communities as the region grapples with high numbers of daily new cases of COVID-19.

38 new cases is enough to trigger a 4 week lockdown

(The question that needs answering now. Are people being treated in Halifax? Or is lockdowns and mRNA injections the entire strategy? Is HCQ or Ivermectin in use? What is a case? A sick person or Covid+ test?)

Thank you all who contributed to the operation of this site in any way today.

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7 Replies to “A smattering of the crazy that makes up the day to day now: Links 2, April 23, 2021”

  1. Fascinating discussion of HCL and Ivermectin.

    “Dr Lee Merritt: If you’re younger than 39 and get vaccinated, you are 260 times more likely to die from COVID-19
    It’s clear that the Mainstream Media and Big Tech are colluding to keep the truth about COVID-19 and the vaccines from the American people. They don’t believe that you have a right to make up your own mind about what is injected into your body. I asked Dr Lee Merritt to come on Freedom One-On-One to explain the truth about the Wuhan Virus and the vaccines… and it is more shocking and surprising than any of us realized. ”


  2. 2/ Lotsa sloppy practice. No innoculation pre-screening, insufficient medical observation post-injection.

    And this was a surprise: [03:20+] Pfizer and Moderna both WARN of post-vax risk. Big Black Box on the info sheet: Wait at least 14 days after 2nd shot, you’re infectious even without symptoms.

    The elevators within this set of highrises were scheduled for replacement – they’re way below code, unpredictable, stop-&-go, unventilated. That’s been delayed till 18 days AFTER the visiting vaxx teams gave notice to the contractors.

    Doctors here are now treating patients with symptoms early. Especially those at high risk. (So I’m told, anyway. I hope so.)

  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ghislaine-maxwell-pleads-not-guilty-new-sex-trafficking-charges

    Hasn’t Ghislaine Maxwell been punished enough for the insignificant crimes she’s been accused of? Like, what’s the usual sentence for borderline-pimping twenty years ago? I thought they usually got out the same day. They’ve been literally torturing Ghislaine in solitary confinement for over a year now and seem hell-bent on seeing she never leaves prison alive. I don’t get it. She did some sleazy things but nobody did anything that they didn’t want to do and no one got hurt, so what’s the big fuss? And why would anyone even think of believing a teenage hooker with millions of dollars to gain, and why does Hillary Clinton get a pass for mishandling classified documents while Ghislaine Maxwell is being persecuted unto death for basically nothing…? Epstein wasn’t running a “child sex ring”, I think he was a special type of spy – probably Chinese, maybe Israeli – just soaking up intelligence treasures from all the high-end people he kept around him… It’s kind of a good idea, actually. Quirky, but good… And his fortune could be just so much unspendable “dark money” that the sponsor had lying around stinking up the place…:)

    I think Epstein was just a king-sized perv and actually had to do a young babe every hour on the hour or he’d go crazy…

      • You do appear argue for sympathy – for Bill Clinton and all the other Prince Andrews on Lolita Island – Chris.

        “…would anyone even think of believing a teenage hooker”

        Teenage hooker.

        Oscar Wilde raging against the words of a rent boy.

        A little more focus on the ‘barely eighteen,’ “can you get me…”, “I didn’t know” crowd, that may uncover so much, that Ghislaine Maxwell is assisted by the same, to commit suicide to defend her honor.

        • I’m just saying that a year in solitary confinement is severe enough punishment for whatever she did. They’re acting like pimping is the same as first-degree murder. It’s not… She doesn’t deserve to die for her sins – that’s all that I’m saying. You don’t give somebody 25-to-life in Attica for stealing a candy bar…

          And there’s no reason to suspect Prince Andrew of anything. The age of consent in New York is 17, so if he did bonk Virginia it’s just a matter of a man having sex with a woman – albeit a young one, which I think is still legal. And if Virginia got $20,000, well, that’s pretty nice compensation for a roll in the hay…

          I just fail to see any victims here and I can’t get too worked up hating on Ghislaine Maxwell…

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