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3 Replies to “Twitter suspends James O’Keefe/Project Veritas on week of major CNN bust”

  1. Some time ago O´Keefe was put on a blacklist so he could not buy guns, obviously for the purpose of harassment, I have not read any more about that case. This was last year I think, under the Trump administration, still someone felt they could do this with little risk to their careers.

    He should be the boss of the NPR, that would make some waves…

  2. The enemy lines are emerging out of the fog, aren’t they… Twitter’s not just a bit biased, they’re are a clear and present enemy, just like the Germans and the Japanese in World War II. I don’t know exactly why, but these big high-tech companies have declared war on us and that’s not just a right-wing conspiracy theory. I suppose they are all working for the Communist Chinese. Perhaps that’s who ensured that they would be in such a powerful position in the first place. Imagine how much easier it would be becoming a multi-billionaire in America if you had the secret backing of 1.4 billion Chinese behind you… Imagine how easy it would be to do anything, for that matter… Imagine how easy it would be to be George Soros if you had the same secret backing. It’s sure as hell what I’d do if I was the New Axis of Evil… Like, maybe a nice intelligent engaging humorous worldly Chinese agent came up to Mark when he was very young and said, “How would you like to be the richest man in the world, white boy?”.

  3. Twitter is a Fascist/Nazi platform that supports all the wrong things in the world including gas chambers for dissenters.

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