Dr. Micheal Yeadon: Another video of the former VP of Pfizer on the current state of the pandemic

Back up and save it now. Youtube will not tolerate this much deviation from the narrative for long. However, having said that, there are many sites misquoting this man, and making claims about his views which he never made. While I personally find this man to be among the few most reasonable people to speak on the Covid19 pandemic, of which he says is no longer the case, and cannot even possibly be the case as we already have 60% herd immunity, its important to watch him for yourself as people either honestly or odiously have been creating quotes for this man, claiming he said things which he simply never even approached.

The other day, we posted a 50 minute interview with him that was also excellent. If you haven’t seen it, please consider doing so.

There is one point he makes that I think deserves another data point.

He mentions early on that there was an original erroneous belief that no one was immune to this thing, when in fact, there was a 30% immune public out of the gate on this virus.

Some time ago, we published this video of a French geneticist who explains why this was likely believed, and for that matter, why then President Trump gave a speech suggesting millions and millions would die of Covid, and that everyone should expect to be affected, and to lose family and freinds to this disease.

So there can be some latitude given to people at the start of this thing, to make exaggerated policies and dire predictions. After all, it likely is a Chinese, Man-made (Bio weapon) that was accidentally or deliberately released. But after a month or so, there really is no excuse for its continuation.

Below, the interview with Dr. Yeadon where he says: “Everything you’re government has told you about the pandemic is a lie”. But the context matters.

MUCH thanks to Miss Piggy for all this material.

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  1. The Yeadon video is almost 4 months old, but has barely 20 thousand views on YouTube.
    I suspect this have to do with algorithms, they pushed the good doctor to the back rather than outright banning him.

    • I know for a fact that Alphabet/Google/Youtube does this. They do it by suppressing the real view count so their own algorithm cannot put it into recommended videos for others to see. Which means the real view count is actually much higher.

      But Google only knows.

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