At this point, its looking like its definitive that the right early treatment beats Covid and none of these drastic measures are necessary

First, a video from shortly after Covid-measures ruined everything, but a few doctors had learned of Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc and Z-pac and used it to great success.

The following video is from April 11, 2021. A doctor in Italy basically ended the Covid issue in one region entirely by early treatment using HCQ and/or Ivermectin. The numbers are stunning. and then the issue must be raised, why is this not happening everywhere? This is also discussed:

(Thanks to Dr. Andrew Bostom for sending in this clip)

And maybe we need to take another look at what happened to an Alberta Church today:

Seems like a lot of people have known for a long time that there is effective treatments for Covid that would have made all these government overreach methods unnecessary. So the question is, why have these treatments been not just not used, but suppressed to the point where doctors and pharmacists would be punished for using these treatments for early Covid patients?

This site has dozens of testimonials by various doctors on the use of Ivermectine as well as hydroxychloroquin. I just selected two because one was right at the start, and one was yesterday. We also have another video from Brazil which reports a similar thing. That early (but unspecified) treatment took one area of Brazil from the hardest hit with Covid deaths to the least deaths in the country. But in the interview he does not specify the treatment used, but we have it on some authority that it was Ivermectin and/or HCQ+Zinc.

Then of course, there is this testimony to a Senate committee. Youtube deleted this video. To be clear, a private company obliged not to be a publisher by law but a platform, deleted something in the official public record from a Senate Homeland and Security panel:

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  1. I pray that the day will come when the penny finally drops and it begins to dawn on people that the campaign against hydroxychloroquine was one of the most terrible crimes-against-humanity ever committed and that the perpetrators of that campaign are as bad as “experimenting” Nazi concentration camp doctors and the Japanese version of same. Dr. Fauci and WHO and all the rest are war criminals and deserve to spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison. They murdered millions of people in the name of helping the Communist Chinese government in their fight against Donald Trump for the crime of standing up to the bastards…

    • That seems to be about right Chris.

      Dr. Bostom tells me that Ivermectin is also more effective and less problematic in terms of potential side effects. In fact its a very common veterinary medicine and most dogs are on it at some point.

      Reliable and reputable Indian pharmacies will sell it to you by mail.

      • Yes, a sweet man, a vet that I know called CBC radio talk show about the successes of Ivermectin. He was never on the talk show, they thanked him for calling and hung up. Hmmmm

  2. There are just so many issues that are either wrong or highly suspect with the entire COVID fiasco.

    * The guy who copyrighted the PCR implementation (not the scientist who discovered PCR) did so 1 year before COVID appeared and gets a percentage of every PCR test used.

    * PCR test is scientifically unsuited for the use to which it is being put (Scientist who discovered PCR)

    * A group in the EU is offering 320,000Euro for the first person to identify the entire COVID gene sequence. To date no one has collected the prize.

    * USA CDC does not appear to have the complete COVID gene sequence , or if they do they will not release it.

    * The globalist/DEM drive to remove Trump at any cost

    * Therapies such as HCQ + zinc , Ivermectin + zinc have either been ignored or deliberately sabotaged (Ref : Fake hit job on HCQ published in Lancet that was withdrawn because it was total fraud) and doctors were either directly or indirectly threatened not to use them. As one dissenting doctor pointed out “Wait till their lips turn blue and send them to the hospital.”

    * The perpetual wailing and lockdown justification is hospitals are being overrun should be of no surprise when the medical community refuses to use therapy in the home as described by Dr. Zenko who shoved the Z-Pack under the door at a patient’s house at the first sign of illness.

    * There is a lot of evidence that those with vitamin D3 deficiency fare badly, so why have governments at all levels failed to advise taking additional vitamin D3 as it is cheap and safe? None , absolutely none have done so !

    Additionally , whether HCQ or Ivermectin is used , Zinc is always the key ingredient. In some instances Ivermectin + Zinc + Quercetin + Vitamin D3 is the package,

    I can only hope at some point there will be a Nuremburg-like COVID trial for those responsible.

    • If there never is a “Nuremburg-like” COVID trial that means that the people of the West never woke up and figured out what was going on and the takeover went without a hitch. If we don’t start thinking critically like proper Western people we could all be in for a few nasty centuries under the thumbs of the Chinese and the Turks and the Pakistanis and the North Koreans and Hamas and the Iranians and the Turkemanistanis and the Bangladeshis and all the other peoples who have hated us for all these centuries with no letup in sight…

      Be afraid, folks. The people I just listed don’t believe in silly little things like freedom of speech or minority rights while they do believe wholeheartedly in the primacy of the state and the right for it to totally dominate the ignorant wrong-headed public. They are virtually as bad as Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg… Well… maybe not quite that bad…

      • Chris, I have allergies, I do not use any scented soaps, detergents, candles – I get tingling in my face, a tight feeling in my chest and feel like I have the mumps.

        I wore a mask to get into to see the eye doctor for my last checkup after having eye surgery. I had a rash on my face for a week after that visit. I will NEVER wear a mask again.

        The other day I sat in a car while someone shopped for me. A young woman I thought was around thirty, got out of a truck with a mask on. She stood beside the truck and put a second mask over her other mask and walked into the grocery store. I thought she was probably close to 100 pounds overweight. She is worried about dying of COVID – – unfortunately for me, people like her are condoning the masks, spraying of grocery carts and the use of hand sanitizer.

        I am lucky I live on 5 acres, so at least I can walk around out side and not have to look at the feckless freaks. I feed my dog, the deer and the chipmunks- – LOL Eventually I think the sane people will all go stark raving mad. But hey, keep on the sunny side ??

        • There is a kind of irony in your story. The overweight woman with the double mask, she may or may not know that at this time, the #1 comorbidity by a country mile, is morbid obesity. So in fact she is right to worry about Covid if she is that fat.

          Losing the weight though, would be the best possible thing for her general health.

          • I could have waited for her to come out and checked her grocery bags for all the vegetables laced with zinc and vitamins she no doubt bought. LOL

            IF there comes a day that the site is gone away, please email me and let me know what is going on in the outside world, We could plot. just joking of course.

            • I dread the day that the Controllers get their hands on the internet service providers and force them to start taking down sites like this one. The idea of having to rely on CNN and CBC and ABC and the rest is intolerable to me. I can’t watch CNN for ten minutes without exploding in rage at their sheer mendacity…

              • CBC is worse because they package lies more effectively than CNN.

                But believe me when I tell you, they have already gone after this site in many ways. Most recently when they got GoDaddy to delete our domain without notice or warning, and coincidentally when I happened to be away for the day, which is very rare.

                We managed to get them to let me have my own property long enough to move it to another registrar. But the initial letter to me was that they would keep it till it expired, and not let anyone have it, and not repay me for the rent I paid them on the domain.

                Thats just the most recent.

  3. One additional issue which should have been in the above list.

    * There was a perfect medical analysis laboratory in the cruise ship Pacific Princess stranded off the US West coast. All of the passengers and crew were confined for an extended period of time and roughly 80% either were not sick or showed no symptoms. The majority of the passengers were older , yet there never was any interest to conduct a detailed scientific analysis followup of who got sick , who was immune etc.

    I forgot it was election year 2020.

    • Ha Doug Ford, the So called conservative Premier of Ontario should think about Justine Trudeau, the Liberal calling an election soon. Lockdown Doug should think about Justine calling for a mail-in vote, since people are supposed to be dropping like flies in this “great pandemic”

      Shortly after the election, and we all know what the outcome of a mail-in vote will be, Justine will then bring in 412,000 migrant/ voters – – the “pandemic” will suddenly be over.

      • Can’t see why it would be over until he achieves everything he and the COMINTERN want to achieve in their wildest. I thought it would be over after they got Trump out. But why kill the golden goose?

        • I read recently that by 2025, Canada’s population will be 20 million – quite a drop – but that is just another conspiracy theory right?

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