2006 CBC documentary, Nuclear Jihad. AQ Khan’s Nuclear weapons Walmart

I first saw this documentary around 2006. It was on CBC stunningly, although the Toronto Library website seems to have sanitized the description a lot since then. Amazing how fast the CBC went from a news service to enemy propaganda.

This documentary offers a decent explanation of how Pakistan got the bomb. The excellent documentaty on the true nature of the UN, UN Me, also gives some insight on how Pakistan got the bomb. The bottom line is about how Islamic leaders like Bin Laden, were both capable and willing to use nuclear weapons against infidel cities for jihad.

From the description:

A.Q. Khan — a rogue Pakistani scientist – has done more than any other person or country to spread nuclear weapons around the world. Name a nuclear hotspot — and Khan’s clients are there. Iran. North Korea. Libya. And perhaps the deadliest potential customer.a terrorist network. willing to make its own nuclear jihad. This is the story of one man’s deadly legacy that spread around the world. How he managed to get away with it for so long . and how the nuclear seeds he helped plant could explode anytime, anywhere. A.Q. Khan has changed the rules of the nuclear game forever. The first nuclear age was about great powers facing off against each other. It was terrifying, but at least everybody knew the rules. In the second nuclear age, in the age of A.Q. Khan, there is no return address and so there is no deterrence. The bomb could come in a backpack, in a briefcase, in an oxcart. In the second nuclear age, we’re seeing the privatization of the atomic bomb. The outsourcing of the bomb. It’s a much more frightening world. Award Winner – This film has won an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for broadcast journalism.

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  1. J.E. Dyer has visions of sub-state (terrorist) or supra-state (globalist) entities dispatching any number of dirty “little” bombs. She sees this threat as more probable than anything from the MADD playbook. Drones may become the preferred delivery platforms.

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