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3 Replies to “High School coach fired for refusing to make his athletes wear masks against all science during competitive sports”

  1. This man is a hero !! Stand up for yourself, your family and your country!! Are we all brainwashed or are we cowards !! One can easily see the level of cowardice and laziness at a rally to end this scamdemic ! Or have the masses really been brainwashed to the point of not being able to think criticality for themselves !!

  2. Tiny white filaments from the mask find their way in your nostrils. The other day, I looked in the mirror and the sun was reflected in the mirror. I see something white and I look closer. It’s a filament from the mask that I had worn for about 5 minutes. It’s a mask that I reused after grocery shopping.

    So, I’m thinking how many filaments did I inhale while grocery shopping? It would explain my Sinusitis getting worse, a lot of nose-blowing, and at times nose bleeding (the dark red color of blood). My body is sending out signals ‘Stop it.’ – I hope the nose blowing expells the white filaments.

    Going a step further, what about the mouth? You breathe in through the mask. I suggest people carry mouthwash in the car and gargle thoroughly after grocery shopping.

    Thinking about store clerks and government staff who wear them eight hours a day.

    Anticipate an explosion of C-19-related cases in the near future. It will be the face masks but they’ll keep it quiet. As the body’s immune system fights the face mask repercussions, viruses will have less enemies attacking them.

    Us, here, the regulars at this website warned about the dangers of face masks early on. Pure common sense.

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