Police now AOC’s personal Stasi, Montrealers understand Freedom’s worth, Philippines already lost to China Links 3, April 10, 2021

1. Wonderful display of love of freedom and culture in Montreal. Vivez la liberté des Québéc

Meanwhile, at the vaccination centres in Montreal, business is slow

2. Police turn up at the home of ‘shaken’ California podcaster for ‘threatening AOC’ after he posted a tweet criticizing her comments on Palestine and Israel – but she insists it WASN’T her who called it in

Police visited the L.A. home of a podcaster this week a day after after he posted a tweet criticizing AOC and her comments on Israel and Palestine

Ryan Wentz runs the online show Soapbox and tweets under the handle Queelamode.  

On April 7, he posted a link to an interview where AOC stumbled and struggled to answer questions on how to resolve peace in the Middle East. Wentz called her answers ‘incredibly underwhelming’.

The next day, two California Highway Patrol officers visited him at home in L.A. to caution him for allegedly threatening a member of congress.

He claims the cops said they had received a call from Capitol Police that he had ‘threatened’ the New York congresswoman. They left him their card but took no further action. 

‘The officers said, “We got a warning about a sitting member of Congress. And it was because of your tweet, which tagged them in it.” 

(This is perhaps the most concerning story to come out of the US this year so far. A year of concerning stories. The police go to your door and intimidate you for the most mild criticism of a woman who in fact is a communist revolutionary, and has done nothing since being in office that is not destructive to the US and the principles upon which it stands.)

3. This analysis of China-Filipino relations does not come out and say that Covid is the prime weapon China uses against the Philippines, but its impossible not to come to that conclusion as they beg for vaccines to allow them to open the country back up, as their oceans are full of thinly disguised Chinese ships of war.


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  1. Item 3 — “This analysis of China-Filipino relations does not come out and say that Covid is the prime weapon China uses against the Philippines, but its impossible not to come to that conclusion”

    What do you mean by that? The Covid “epidemic” is more like a hoax. How do the Chinese use it as a weapon? Would you elaborate on that?

    • The Philippine President, Duterte is reported to say that he is depending on China to provide vaccines so they can reopen their economy, and that a conventional war with China they would lose. It seems to me that Covid was a first strike weapon by China to make many if not all nations, unable to have sufficient industrial capacity to survive a conventional war.
      For this to be the case, Covid doesn’t have to be a genuine plague in the historical sense. It only needs to do what it did. Force enemies of China to shut down their economies. China’s seems to be fine though, for some reason.

    • Its intent was to be an economic weapon of mass destruction.

      Back in November 2019, China was in a recession and slowly heading toward an economic retraction. How does the CCP save face while controlling a population of 1.4 Billion people? Put the planet on lockdown by scaring the hell out of them.

      How did they achieve this? They set up scenarios with their police and army entering towns, shutting down buildings, arresting people, dragging healthy citizens out of their homes, filming seemingly healthy citizens waiting in line at hospitals, fumigating public spaces and even people, all types of horror video clips were allowed to exit China for international viewing.

      In early February, I asked myself how is it that citizens were allowed to film the police and the army carrying out repressive acts. The answer would be the CCP was filming it. Nothing leaves China without the CCP knowing about it.

      LET’s GO BACK to when the USA finalized the trade agreement with China, end of October 2019. At the last minute, China insisted that a clause be added, that of an exemption in case of a pandemic. The deal was signed.

      Remember when Trump repeated that he expected China to honor the trade agreement? Trump knew. And the economic virus was a double-edged sword, that of the 2020 USA elections. China might rid itself of its worst enemy aka Donald J. Trump.

      And it worked. It’s a SARS-type virus and SARS killed a lot more people in one year than C-19 did. And nobody freaked out.

      • You and Eeyore are right about this being an economic weapon which is mainly Psychological in effect.. The motive for the attack is simple, Trump had the Chinese and their economy on the ropes and was about to force them to change their ways or be destroyed. They attacked using the Wuhan Flu (it doesn’t matter if the release was deliberate or accidental what matters is how they used it) as a terror weapon that the entire world accepted as being a deadly weapon.

        Weapons don’t have to be deadly or even real to scare people. In WWII the Brits and the US built a fake army out of rubber dummies and a small group of people wandering around when German plane were in the air. This scared the Germans into think the fake Army was the major threat so they kept their Panzer units in reserve until after the Normandy Beach head was secured.

        China is using the virus the same way, forcing us to keep our economies shut down. Eeyore’s idea that China is cooking up new variants in a lab to extend the life of the Psywar attack is probably right but we will never know. By the time that most of the world leaders wake up to the threat China will control Taiwan, the Philippines and be fighting a strong war against Japan, India and Australia. Xi will probably be careful to not press India or Japan hard enough for India to use nukes of Japan to decide to use cruise missiles against the many Chinese dams.

        Biden will try to keep the US out of that war even if he has to get us into a shooting war with Russia and Iran.

        Slightly OT: I still think that Putin and Xi cooked up the idea of a war on each end of Asia to keep the US and Europe occupied in Europe while Xi runs crazy in the Far East.

        • And at the same time, Third World immigrants keep flooding into the Western nations causing their cultures to collapse and their standard of living to drop as their demographics swing ever-to-the-left toward division and stupid wrong leftist thinking…

          Tick, tock, tick, tock. All the bad guys need to do is relax and run out the clock until the magic day arrives and the conservatives no longer exist. Nothing but an ocean of Beto O’Rourkes and Adam Schiffs left to vote for the stupidest thing possible…


    • EW –
      I always appreciate your contributions, but I can’t connect to Facebook links. If there’s an alternative source, that would be helpful.

      • yucki: It may appear on her You Tube Channel but it’s not there yet.
        Facebook is the only place I can find it yet. It was live this morning.

        • I grabbed it last night. Was too late to upload but Ill do it today.

          Also Youtube destroyed her channel some time ago.

    • The father will be in court again in Vancouver, this coming Tuesday. April 13th.
      His lawyer has an expert on gender transition in teens, coming to give testimony.
      It should be very interesting.

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