Health Canada recalls masks containing graphene as it assesses risks to people

Ottawa Sun:

Health Canada has issued a recall on disposable masks containing a material made of tiny particles it says could pose a danger if inhaled.

The agency is advising people not to wear masks with graphene or biomass graphene because its preliminary assessment of the available research suggests the particles cause early lung toxicity in animals, though the risks to humans are not yet known.

It says variables such as the design of a mask, how long it’s worn and the type of graphene material used would all affect the potential to inhale particles from the material that is reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Health Canada says in an advisory that it has requested data from mask manufacturers to assess the potential health risks related to face coverings that contain graphene.

It has directed distributors, importers and manufacturers to stop selling the masks and has also advised provinces and territories to halt their use.

The agency says anyone who has worn a graphene mask should consult their healthcare provider if they have concerns such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

It says the masks have been used in schools and daycares by adults and children alike.

The agency says they may have also been used in some healthcare settings.

As this is a serious and important health warning, the entire text is copied here in case anything should happen to the original article. Also because it is an enormously satisfying response to people who have literally screamed at me about wearing masks.

This may explain the flood of videos that have been appearing showing small black fibrous threads in masks which appear to react to stimulus such as moisture or static electricity, and which are being imputed with a lot of attributes and motives. This reality though, that it causes the exact symptoms what will get you shoved into an ICU with a ventilator as a serious Covid case, that is quite enough of an explanation.

Also, it has been the contention of this site, that in most things outside of the basics, a government’s job should be to offer the best information available and allow people to decide for themselves what actions to take on a given issue. Being that the government has literally forced people to wear masks, they should be fully liable for the risks they have put people in for wearing them, and be sued pretty much out of office for doing so. Had they not forced their half baked ideas, then the issue would look a lot different in court, assuming courts have any of the same purposes and attributes we have been raised to expect of them.

Thank you Johnny U.

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10 Replies to “Health Canada recalls masks containing graphene as it assesses risks to people”

    While others are researching, we are developing. By using the latest planting technique, we are making the world a safer place.”

    Graphene lattices are like a dense array of nanoscale blades. Microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, are around 1,000 times larger than the graphene molecules. Meaning that, when the microbes come into contact with the graphene, the graphene acts like a blade, cutting the microbes and killing them. Graphene is not selective in the microbes it kills.”

    Ninjas the get into your lungs?

  2. I wore a mask from a box, a paper mask when I went to the eye doctor, because I had to wear one to get in. I had a rash on my face for a week, it felt like I had rubbed my face in fibreglass.

    BUT by me wearing that mask, some “fragile” people know I saved thousands of lives, right?

    • I just called my drugstore to have a prescription delivered. On the phone, the poor girl could barely breathe. I mentioned the Health Canada warning.

      Like lambs, people are slowly being led to the slaughterhouse.

    • And yet in all of this, it is never *your* life that matters. It is always someone else’s. Someone else who may become ill, who it may harm if you don’t–but never you. Yet, if you don’t wear it because it harms you, you still don’t matter–you are not victim enough. It is those around you that you are harming, see? You as an individual don’t matter. It is always about someone else. And the only way to make yourself matter is to conform to be like everyone else (who do matter), thereby making yourself not matter. See? Perfect, evil sense–designed to destroy, grind down, and humiliate the individual.

  3. And, once again, the ‘Conspiracy’ people are right.

    The only good masks are surgical masks, the expensive ones worn by surgeons. All others carry an element of danger for our health.

    There is also the issue of the very fine white filaments of whatever material the mask is made of that suddenly declare themselves.

    Thinking of people that don’t have the money to buy new masques every time they go out, they wear the same ones over and over.

    I had to wear one for almost two hours last week. The facility was supplying them. The next day: a cold sore on my lip. Thank God I keep a cream to quickly settle the issue. Also, very dry lips. These are all signs that masks are unhealthy.

    • “Thinking of people that don’t have the money to buy new……….”

      Where are all the masks ending up? What about the environment? Will they be put in the same pile with the solar panels?

      It is time for a GREAT BIG RESET, let’s chuck the madness and go back to basics.

      NWO/ Schwab, Soros, Gates, Obama, Clinton, Bush should fear the numbers of Liberals getting their vaccine as opposed to the number of free thinking, Conservative/ Republican , Orange man bad supporters who are saying “No thank you, I will wait”.

      It is OK by me that some borrow the “My body, my choice” mantra.

  4. I just did a quick search and Canada’s French broadcaster (Radio-Canada) mentioned it on March 26. Teachers reported the feeling of swallowing cat hairs.

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