Authoritarianism even disgusts the UK Guardian, masks in the ocean and more: Links 1, April 5, 2021

1. At least one UK politician now taken to court over lockdown policies

(Many reports have been published that show transmission is overwhelmingly at home, and nearly never at bars and restaurants)

2. This explains a great deal:

3. Telegraph: Covid passports are authoritarian, illogical, vile

The Covid passport is a revolting idea. Authoritarian. Discriminatory. Un-British. The PM will give us more details in a press conference today but it’s a mark of how far lockdown has warped our values that it’s already being hailed as a “freedom pass”. The public is all for it, of course: these are the people who call the cops when they see a queue outside a church. We’ve become so used to control that being permitted to do something that in ordinary times would be quite normal, like go to the theatre or attend a football match, is treated as a benign act of mercy by an all-loving state.

The lesser gods of Westminster will say that Covid certification can help us open up sooner, but the rumour is that the technology won’t be operational until September, by when the vast majority of us will be immunised anyway, so what’s the point? They’ll say it will be temporary: they said that with the first lockdown. And just like they said ID cards need only worry you if you’ve got something to hide, so they’ll say Covid passports will only inconvenience people who refuse to get a shot. 

(To these eyes, the most important part of this story is the abuse of language, the semantic inverse. The government takes all of our basic rights and freedoms somehow, and then offers to give crumbs of it back subject to whim, and dares to call this Orwellian surveillance, “A freedom pass”.)

4. Zerohedge:  Spain Passes Law Mandating Face Masks Even While Swimming In The Sea

The legislation, which came into effect on Wednesday, mandates face coverings for children as young as six, with refusniks facing fines of €100 euros.

The only exemption to the rule is adults playing sports outside, but people tanning outside or swimming in a pool or the ocean are still required to cover up.

“This will apply to people who are sunbathing or even swimming in the sea,” confirms the London Evening Standard.

The utter stupidity and real danger of having to wear a face mask while swimming in the sea goes without saying.

Having to wear a face covering while placing yourself in a situation where you have a heightened risk of encountering breathing difficulties is totally insane.

5. An entire Australian school forced boys to apologize to girls for being boys

The objections to this are very predictable. Stunning amounts of what appear to be illogical hypocrisy etc. If there is no difference between the sexes, then… and why are more females claiming to really be males and getting the surgeries… the list is long and obvious. So now is the time to remember the metric.

With the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is ALWAYS the point. And anything which is destructive to any aspect of Western civilization; and our taxonomy is a huge one multiplied by the importance every culture places on male-female relations. This will be amplified, celebrated and institutionalized. For simplicity’s sake, we will call this “anything for the revolution”. Anything that stands agaisnt the revolution, like reason, reality, freedom of speech, independant thought, these things will be punished, crushed, supressed, to use Trudeau’s exact language for this, “A whole of government response […] to quell” counter revolutionary ideas and efforts. This quote is from the language of his Islamophobia motion, M-103.

Thank you PC., Johnny U., Kalloi, Richard, ET., M., and everyone who sent in links and thoughts. The curve of the importance of these stories continues its rotation to takeoff.

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