MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians

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Below, the CBC clip telling us not to believe our own damn lying eyes about Internment camps, buit believe Trudeau who wouldn’t know the truth if it him in the face like a goose on a roller coaster.

Go to the video at Youtube and read the comments. Canadians are not as stupid or sleepy as CBC and Trudeau think they are.

Also at around 3:20 they superimpose a photo of Donald Trump over a question on quarantine facilities by I think Michelle Rempel The original clip is below. Start at 8:30

This is the clip edited out. Actually whoever grabbed this crom CPAC also did a strange edit in this one as well. Sorry, I can’t do anything about that. But this appears to be the clip Tucker used that was blotted out for some reason with an unflattering photo of The Donald.

If this video stops working please advise in comments and we will restore, or look for a link in the Reader’s by MarcusZ1967 who usually catches them.

For those wondering about Trudeau’s transparency, might find this sign recently placed on the Governor General’s compound, where Trudeau now lives, revealing:

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5 Replies to “MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians”

  1. Worked for me.

    Yay. We made the news. Made the big time. Our big brother to the south noticed us. This has always been our secret desire even though we don’t want to admit it. This is partially why the majority of famous people Canada produces are not recognized in Canada for their talent until they are recognized in the U.S., first. We never thought much of our own opinions, don’t ya know.

    Yup. Big time. Our flakey, vainglorious, dim, but clearly sufficiently mean and power-mad Dear Leader knows what he wants. He wants to Build Back Better his own Great Reset and transform Canada into some manner of medical dictatorship. He sees the light that glows white hot in his heart of coal. Don’t sell him or his handlers short. He warned us that this winter would be dark and difficult. This warning came from an executive body who knew beforehand that there is a plan based on a paradigm unknown to the great unwashed. I cannot help but remember his first couple of weeks in office when he sold off the remnants of Dystopia’s gold reserve. I know what people will think–there goes Johnnyu about gold again, beating his old tired drum. But just as O signaled his fealty to a globalist executive by flying Airforce 2 over New York, Dear Leader gave his own thumbs up to a master plan long in the works.

    The question is, what comes next? With the regime currently running the U.S. there are no stops in place.

  2. Trudeau Compound Ottowa.

    Did someone get permission to take a photo of that sign, or is Vlad breaking Canadian Law for showing it?

    And will we get arrested for seeing it?

    Who can I ‘tell-on,’ to get out of this little fix?

    “Trump made me do it!”

    Seven years in a Hotel is better than being shot in a ditch.

    Oh, they’ve got me on Rifle Duty.

    Stupid Bourgeois Capitalist Pigs they had it coming.

    Live The Revolution!

    Free at last.

    “Creed, Privilege, Number, Citizen.”

    • The Canadian General looked grave.
      “We couldn’t last a war with China for more than four weeks… until the toilet paper runs out.”
      It’s even worse,” interjected the Political, Maintenence and Diversity Officer. There was a deathly silence. No one ever wanted to say anything that could ever be remotely construed as offensive towards her. Their hush, she beileved was out of great respect for her title. She continued, “we will run out of tampon in two.”
      “But those who don’t need tampons… we could” The Ordinance Officer’s reasoning of redistribution stuck in her throat.
      The steely glare returned, noting that a Hate Crime had just been openly expressed and she would be replaced. Tampons were part of a person’s identity, “empathising what it is to be a woman” Equality Act, Human Characteristics, Cis-Gender, paragraph 4b.
      “Then, we will die as Nice Guys!” a junior officer interjected to resounding cheers.
      “Nice Guys!” They roared.
      Virtue was comforting, encouraging and nurturing. This junior officer would be interrogated for conscious-bias arousal response.
      They had the Chinese morally beaten.

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