Victory in Belgium, all Covid rules MUST end within 30 days: Links 4, March 31, 2021

1. Ontario Premiere Ford lets the Health Minister explain how so many tests are actually false positives.

2. Belgian court rules all Covid measures MUST end within 30 days!

Brussels Times article.

3. Tucker Carlson with Glenn Greenwald on vaccine passports

4. Is the New York Times attempting to DOXX jurors for the Derek Chauvin trial?

5. Alleged arsonist arrested after 3 fires at Masonic lodges in Metro Vancouver area

Vancouver police arrested a 42-year-old man suspected of arson in three fires at Masonic lodges in Metro Vancouver on Tuesday morning.

The arrest came after an off-duty police officer driving past the Masonic temple near Rupert Street and East 29th Avenue in Vancouver noticed a man walking away from the building as it burned, according to Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Const. Tania Visintin.

Video taken by a bystander shows flames licking at an entrance to the temple as a man carries a red jerrycan to the trunk of a black van. He is then confronted by the off-duty officer.

The man managed to get away but was then arrested just before 10 a.m. in Burnaby near North Fraser Way and Marine Way, about a 20-minute drive from the location of the last of the fires, according to police.

“He did a great job in stopping and speaking to this suspect,” Visintin told reporters during a news conference, referring to the off-duty officer.

So they have him under arrest, and on video, but CBC doesn’t tell us his name. They also do not show us the video they refrence in the article, as it has the arsonist in the video. Who would have enough of a grudge against the Masons I wonder, to set 3 temples on fire in one night?

This might be a clue

Thank you Richard, M., PC., Johnny U. and many more. Its been a really busy week already and a depressing one for Freedom as Ontario moves into “Code Grey” which literally NO ONE knows what that means. ALWAYS use Star Trek rules for emergencies. EVERYONE knows what a Red Alert is.


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4 Replies to “Victory in Belgium, all Covid rules MUST end within 30 days: Links 4, March 31, 2021”

  1. 2)
    The only thing I CANNOT see is that the Belgian Government would have a sleepless Night over a maximum Fine of Euro 200,000.00 of Tax-payers moneyif they don’t comply with this Ruling.
    Can you?

  2. Item 2 — Seems to be window dressing plus preparation for the Endless Lockdown; not the wind of freedom:

    “On Wednesday afternoon, the Chamber will debate Belgium’s upcoming pandemic law, which is supposed to provide “a permanent legal basis, for taking this kind of restrictive measures during a pandemic.”” (Brusselstimes)

  3. 3- Not quote sure if I agree with Greenwald here. Just because the majority of people want the injection (at least he says the majority do) does this constitute informed consent? Or does it constitute consent born from cruel and unusual treatment from government, psychological manipulation, financial hardship, weariness, etc. And how can informed consent exist when the manufacturers of these devices cannot know, themselves, the depth and breadth of the lasting effects of these devices simply because they will not have had the benefit of time to understand them until at least some years henceforth? Therefore, since truly informed consent cannot yet exist, the most responsible information emitted by government should be the reminder that we don’t yet have all information on these devices. That they are experimental. That they may hurt you or your children. That the mRNA devices may, in fact, compel the Covid-19 virus to mutate in its bid to survive as it seeks pathways around the innoculated, inadvertantly promoting the creation of more harmful variants, thereby creating a catastrophic worldwide calamity.

    Now this would be the voice of helpful, transparent government informing the people so they can make their own choices.

    Instead we have draconian mandates that wear down the will of people, promote suspicion over trust, possibly killing more people than they save. Economics, being a rather flimsy empirical excersize, has no precedent for our situation so therefore has no solid predictive map out of it. Since when did socialism save lives? Never. Since when did historical amounts of sovereign debt lead to fiscal health and wellness? Never.

    It’s a fine mess. We have a highly-politicized medical establishment imposing scientism, and a highly-politicized economic orthodoxy imposing debt, both of which are dealing with complex systems that are, if truth be known, well beyond the margins of their capabilities.

    Meanwhile our enemies are doubtlessly exploiting America’s weakened, distracted state for their own opportunities.

    On sovereign debt:

  4. In fact one could go so far as to say that by refusing the injections one is doing more to save humanity, because doing so will deprive the virus of the mutation opportunity. Give us the simple therapies and call it a day. Ivermectin and HCQ.

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