Just for fun, consider signing our petition

We have zero expectations for this thing, even if every Canadian citizen at home or abroad signs it. But it might be fun to listen to CBC strut and insult and call us all racists if it does get enough signatures.

The idea is to make CBC accept an official motto of our choosing. We posted several ideas at the petition site already, and here is a new one below:

The motto would more likely be, “We are enemy propaganda”, but as I made this as a sign on the CBC building in Ottawa this fit better. Also its closer to what Roddy Piper saw when he put the sunglasses on in the movie, They Live.

This should be the link to the petition.

Scene from They Live:

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  1. ….still one of the very best movies; and I wonder if the fight scene is still the longest ever ?
    I also think, these days, of the Kurt Vonnegut short story: Harrison Bergeron. equity, indeed.

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